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Say Hello to Mail by WebEngage: Simplifying Email Marketing

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Emails are more than just messages; they’re the connective tissue between businesses and their audiences. With 4 billion daily email users, email campaigns have become indispensable for nurturing leads, promoting products, and delivering valuable content.
In spite of having been around for over 20+ years, today only 31% of marketers are harnessing its true potential using targeted communication, personalized messaging, and seamless customer engagement. Shocker, right?
What makes it marketers’ preferred channel of communication- an impressive ROI, soaring up to 4200%!

Decoding ESPs

Email Service Providers (ESPs) are the backbone of successful email campaigns. These platforms act as intermediaries, managing the intricate infrastructure required for sending and tracking emails.

Countless businesses rely on ESPs to deliver their email campaigns efficiently and effectively. ESPs provide a crucial service, ensuring that messages reach their intended recipients promptly.

However, for many marketers, managing email campaigns can often feel like navigating a maze of complexities. From integrating external Email Service Providers (ESPs) to crafting campaigns, the process can be daunting. And while ESPs play a crucial role in facilitating these campaigns, gathering analytical insights into campaign performance can sometimes prove challenging. In our experience, users struggle with:

  • Complex integrations: Integrating with third-party ESPs can be difficult, requiring technical expertise and time to navigate.
  • Cost implications: Maintaining separate ESP plans can be expensive for businesses, affecting the overall cost-effectiveness of email marketing.
  • Limited visibility: Relying on external ESPs’ dashboards for performance metrics may result in marketers juggling between dashboards, scouting for insights and missing taking corrective actions in time.

Imagine seamlessly integrating email marketing with cutting-edge martech tools, completely changing how you engage with your audience. What if you could synergize the capabilities of WebEngage & your Email Service Provider to solve these challenges?
PS: Head over to our blog to know the benefits of Integrating Email and Martech for Success.

Introducing Mail by WebEngage

Say hello to Mail by WebEngage – your new email marketing ally! Mail by WebEngage empowers users to send emails directly through our system, eliminating the need for external ESP integrations. But that’s not all – it unlocks many benefits for businesses seeking efficiency:


Unlike traditional email marketing solutions, WEM requires no integrations. It comes fully equipped and ready to use straight out of the box. This means you can hit the ground running with your email campaigns.

Real-Time Performance Insights: Stay Ahead of the Curve

No need to scout for campaign performance insights and switch between multiple tabs. All your metrics- consolidated with Mail by WebEngage. Stay ahead of the curve by tracking key metrics as they happen, enabling you to make data-driven decisions and optimize your strategies on the fly.

Revenue Attribution: Connect Campaigns to Conversions

WEM enables you to track the impact of your campaigns on your bottom line by directly linking revenue to your email campaigns, giving you clear insights into the ROI of your email marketing efforts.

Domain Health Tracking

Maintaining a healthy sending domain is crucial for ensuring the deliverability of your email campaigns. With Mail by WebEngage, you can track the domain health of all your configurations in real-time. Identify and address potential deliverability issues before they impact your campaigns, ensuring that your messages reach your audience’s inbox every time.

Simplified Billing and Onboarding

Mail by WebEngage not only simplifies your email marketing efforts but also streamlines your billing process. With integrated billing, you can manage all your financial transactions seamlessly, saving you unforeseen incremental costs. Additionally, you’ll receive dedicated onboarding support from our team of experts, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free transition.

Who should opt for it?

Tailor-made for businesses of all sizes, Mail by WebEngage is perfect for those seeking simplicity, cost savings, and greater control over their email marketing process. Whether you’re a startup or a large enterprise, we have got your back!

Metrics Tracked

Navigate to the “Metrics” tabs next to the “List of Campaigns” to access the analytics page that provides a deeper level of analysis at a domain level. Navigate to the dropdown to select the particular configured domain to track its performance.

  • Bounce Rate: Tracked to measure the percentage of emails that couldn’t be delivered to the intended recipients. A high bounce rate may suggest that a portion of the email addresses in the list is outdated or invalid, impacting the campaign’s effectiveness. A bounce rate under 1.5% is the sign of a healthy domain.


  • Spam Complaints: Indicates the number of emails reported as spam by users.
    Sudden spike in spam complaints may harm the sender’s domain reputation, impacting email deliverability across future campaigns. Check out our blog to know tips & tricks to avoid spam filters.
  • Unsubscribe Rate: Measures the percentage of recipients who opt out of receiving emails, and have a potential negative brand sentiment. Sudden spike may signal dissatisfaction or email fatigue among subscribers.

Configurations Available

There are 2 configurations available within Mail by WebEngage to choose from:

Shared Domain

This configuration allows you to use a domain that is shared with other WebEngage users. This is ideal for clients who want to start sending emails from the get go and are relatively new to email marketing. Currently, we have limited the shared domain configuration to 1.

Custom Domain

Using the custom domain configuration, clients can use their own domain(s) or subdomain(s) to send email to end users. Upon verification of the DNS records, clients can start sending emails within 24-48 hours of onboarding. This domain is ideal for users who already have an existing, healthy domain reputation, and use multiple domains for functions such as Marketing, Transactions etc.


With the introduction of Mail by WebEngage, we’re simplifying email marketing for businesses of all sizes. By eliminating the need for external ESP integrations, Mail by WebEngage offers a seamless and efficient solution for sending emails directly through our platform.

With its no integration configuration and real-time performance insights it empowers businesses to elevate their email campaigns to new heights. Whether you’re a startup looking to streamline your email marketing efforts or a large enterprise seeking greater control and efficiency, Mail by WebEngage is tailored to meet your needs.

Ready to experience the future of email marketing? Book a demo today or connect with your account manager today to explore the possibilities with Mail by WebEngage.


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Ananya is a marketing professional with nearly 4+ years of experience, recently having transitioned into the SaaS industry. Fueled by a passion for product, she excels in demystifying features to enhance user adoption. Beyond her professional endeavours, she enjoys cooking (almost as much as eating) and reading Fiction.

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