How Mobile Marketing Automation Is Critical For Your E-Commerce Brand's Growth

How Mobile Marketing Automation Is Critical For Your E-Commerce Brand's Growth

Table Of Contents:

1. Mobile marketing automation is the mix of digital marketing efforts with your mobile devices
2. Why is mobile marketing automation critical for the growth of e-commerce brands?
3. Saving time
4. Build consistency
5. Enable personalization
6. Reach
7. More referrals
8. Real-time feedback
9. Improved offerings and innovation

What is mobile marketing automation for e-commerce?

Marketing Automation is a software/application for automating marketing actions. These will include tasks such as:

  • Sorting emails
  • Responding to emails
  • Posting to social media
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Sending recurring invoices
  • Automating website traffic reports
  • Handling CRM
  • Automating follow-up emails
  • Backing up your data

All of the above-mentioned tasks can be automated to make marketing operations hassle-free. This will save marketers’ time which can be utilized in performing other important tasks. Mobile marketing automation pushes the leads faster down the sales funnel. And this generates growth for the e-commerce brand.

Mobile marketing automation is the mix of digital marketing efforts with your mobile devices.

The usage of mobile devices is increasing day-by-day. People are engaged on their devices and are dependent on it for a variety of tasks. U.S. consumers spend over five hours per day on mobile devices. Targeting mobile users to showcase products or services via your online platform is crucial for boosting sales. On top of that, automation of marketing and sales operations of your e-commerce brand will increase conversion rates and make your brand’s management seamless.

We will now understand what is mobile marketing automation and why it is critical. We will also have a look at the ways in which you can integrate it with your platform.

Why is mobile marketing automation critical for the growth of E-commerce brands?

When we talk about mobile marketing automation, we are discussing push notifications, in-app notifications, message centers, etc. Marketers try hard to keep track of consumer behavior over the internet. Using email and push notifications, it becomes easy for the marketers to track user interactions and consumer behavior. There are various advantages that make mobile marketing automation critical for a brands growth. Some of these include:

#1) Saving time:

“It’s not about having time, It’s about making time.” When marketers automate marketing operations, it saves a lot of time.

  • Research says, on an average, automation can save more than 6 hours per week.
  • Reply rate can be increased by 250% by automating follow-up emails.

There are tasks that involve repetitive actions. These tasks can be automated and the saved time can be utilized for other necessary operations. This will increase the marketer’s productivity.

#2) Build consistency:

Maintaining consistency in your work is one of the best ways to show your commitment towards your brand and consumers. It also increases your brand’s value. Ordinarily, a schedule is maintained by any team while performing an operation. Sometimes the team fails to keep up with the schedule. This can hamper growth efforts of the brand and can even have a negative impact on the brand value.

Automating recurring, predictable operations will make the teams more productive. Regular interaction between your brand and consumer will have a positive impact on your overall business and increase your brand recall/ brand recognition.

#3) Enable personalization:

Enabling email personalization delivers six times higher transaction rates. But, 70% of the brands fail to use personalization. Being unable to understand how beneficial this can be for your business, the marketers often tend to ignore this. This is one of the prominent reason why only 30% of the brands succeed in using email personalization.

A great marketing automation software can ease the task of personalization content. The software will help in developing and targeting high-quality content according to the user’s responses.

Let’s understand it this way: Emails that are generic do not attract the consumers as they are considered as spam. Thus, sending out generic emails reduces the on-click rate of the emails.

Make personalized emails to grab the attention of the user. These personalized emails will have a better chance of getting clicked than generic emails.

Hence, a brand should focus on personalizing email through mobile marketing automation for the growth of your brand.

#4) Reach:

Everyone uses mobile phones. Brands can reach to its potential leads through mobile very easily. Keep your content management system simple and interface user-friendly. This will build confidence in users as they will find it easy to operate. Once they understand what your brand stands for, it will be easier for them to cooperate with you. And hence you will convert cold customers into potential leads, which will be a good growth opportunity for your brand.

#5) More referrals:

Using mobile marketing automation, one can generate more referrals. Through mobile apps, you can provide benefits to customers to refer the app to others. This will work as a word-of-mouth marketing. Asking the customers in right way can generate leads.

Use social media to generate business referrals. Many consumers are highly active on social media through their mobile devices. Use this opportunity to create highly trusted referrals that will add value to your business.

#6) Real-time feedback:

Take the example of Whatsapp Video/Audio calling feature. Every time you disconnect a phone call, a pop-up appears and asks you to rate your calling experience. This feedback is one of the best things that mobile marketing automation provides. Real-time feedback can help you understand your users properly, and you can assess their behavior. Based on this behavior, you can plan your future marketing activities. This automation will lead you to precise targeting.

#7) Improved offerings and innovation:

By analyzing consumers’ mobile activity, it becomes easy to understand their behavior. This understanding will lead you to improved offerings and innovation.


Automating marketing operations will improve your brand’s return on investment.

Automating processes is a hefty investment and acquisition rate of the same is high. Eventually, with time, the cost associated with automation will decline, and unprecedented benefits will reap in. As explained above, investment in automation will prove to be a game changer for your e-commerce brand’s growth. So, go ahead and automate your mobile marketing tasks to take your E-commerce business to new heights.

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