Monthly Releases: April, 2021

Monthly Releases: April, 2021

We have made a bunch of additions to WebEngage in April. Here’s a consolidated list below:

1. New Dashboard Navigation Experience

Our revamped navigation panel is now live on all WebEngage accounts. The new panel is divided into four sections – Data and Insights, Campaign Manager, Personalization, and Settings. It simplifies how you manage and navigate the dashboard and do it from a single place seamlessly.

UI of the new Navigation Panel with easily recognizable headers

2. Trigger Journeys for a Static List

You can now use Static Lists to trigger journeys on WebEngage. The ‘Segment Trigger Block‘ in journeys now lets you select Static Lists as well, helping you create more high-value and contextual drip campaigns for your customers. This will be visible in the Select Segment dropdown when the ‘is already in‘ condition is selected.

You can now use Static Lists in Journeys

3. iOS SDK Update

We have updated our core iOS and extension SDK to v5.2.6 and v0.11.0, respectively. The new update includes optimizations related to:

  • Proper tracking of push impression data; and
  • Automatically capturing IDFA (Identifier for Advertisers) if your app has enabled the App Tracking Transparency prompt, and the user has permitted your app to track it. (Note: This will mainly be applicable on iOS 14.5+ where we’ll not get IDFA by default)

Read our documentation to know more about how to update the iOS SDK.

4. Exotel Integration – Support for New Fields

We have added support for adding ‘API Key’ and ‘SMS Type’ while configuring Exotel as an SSP (SMS Service Provider). This eliminates the manual intervention needed from Exotel earlier, making the integration process faster.

Add API Key and SMS Type from here to configure Exotel as an SSP

That’s all we have got now, and a lot more planned for our upcoming releases! As we proceed towards working on the new features and launches for you, enjoy these new features to their fullest!

If you wish to pass on any feedback about these releases or are unsure about implementing any of these features, get in touch, and we’ll help you out!

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  • Created: 04 May 2021
  • Last Updated: 17 May 2022



Niket RajaProduct Manager, WebEngage

Niket is a Product Manager at WebEngage, looking after all major and minor product releases. Leveraging his work experience in Customer Success, he further strengthens our “first principle” and “customer first” thinking when it comes to building our product.

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