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Monthly Releases: April, 2023

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Hey Reader,

Greetings from WebEngage!

We hope you’re having a great experience with WebEngage. We’re excited to introduce new features on the dashboard. 😀

Refresh your lists periodically or on-demand

You can now refresh any criteria-based list on a periodic basis (daily/weekly/monthly) or on-demand as per your requirements (example: your list of “flight search abandoned” users can be refreshed at 8 am on the last day of every month before sending out your payday campaigns).

Increased list selection support to include/exclude audience during campaign creation

This feature allows you to create advanced segmentation using a combination of live segments, static lists, refreshing lists, and predictive segments while sending your campaigns. Access this feature in the ‘Audience selection’ part of campaign creation. This is applicable for one-time and recurring campaigns of Email, SMS, WhatsApp, Push, and Web Push.

This feature is currently access-controlled; you can reach out to your Customer Success Manager or to get this enabled for your account.

Harness the Power of AI with Predictive Segments

Predictive Segments allow users to create segments based on the future actions of their users. The WebEngage AI uses predictive analysis to categorize users into three segments based on their probability of performing the events:

  • Most Likely,
  • Moderately Likely,
  • Least Likely.

For example, you want to generate a Predictive Segment for users who are most likely to purchase on your website. Then select “Purchase” (or event that indicates purchase action) as your prediction event and the prediction window as 7 days. The Predictive Segment feature then analyses historical data to identify which users will most likely purchase in the next 7 days.

  1. Understand more about Predictive Segments through our blog: Blog link
  2. Quick Video guide to help you get started with the Predictive Segments: Video link

This feature is currently access-controlled; you can reach out to your Customer Success Manager or to get this enabled for your account.

Trigger journeys using refreshing lists and predictive segments

You can now make users enter or exit a journey on the basis of their entry or exit from a refreshing list or predictive segment.

P.S. You will soon be able to export the results of Events/Funnels/etc. to a Refreshing List and then run journeys on those as well!

Unifonic as a dedicated SSP

Unifonic, a leading Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) provider in the Middle East, has been onboarded on WebEngage as an SMS Service Provider. A lot of our clients, predominantly based out of the KSA region, were asking for this integration; well, this has been released now.

Unifonic is listed under the ‘Available SMS Service Providers (SSP).’ Steps to add it as an SSP are given here.

App In-line Content is now supported on React Native

Clients who use our React SDK can now run App In-line campaigns. For this, they will need to update their React Native SDK to v1.3.0 and add the new Personalization SDK within their app to support this feature.

Post this release, App In-line Content is now supported on:

Other SDK updates

iOS SDK v6.2.1 released

We have added other dependencies to make the SDK compatible with running In-line Campaigns on React Native SDK.

Along with this, we have added other improvements and bug fixes in relation to page view counts and custom events.

Hope you start making the most of these features and enjoy using them as much as we enjoyed developing them for you! We have some important and major feature releases in the pipeline. Stay tuned for more!

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Product Manager, 


Niket is a Product Manager at WebEngage, looking after all major and minor product releases. Leveraging his work experience in Customer Success, he further strengthens our “first principle” and “customer first” thinking when it comes to building our product.

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