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Monthly Releases: June, 2021

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We have made a bunch of additions to WebEngage in June. Here’s a consolidated list below:

1. Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)

The new Team Members section (previously called Account Admins) gives you greater control over the access levels of your team members. Here’s a list of the new permissions:

RBAC WebEngage

Read our knowledge base or blog to know more about this release. We encourage you to migrate your existing team members to these new permissions for enhanced security.

2. Mobile SDK updates

i) Cordova SDK updated to v1.0.1
We have updated some libraries and removed the deprecated ones. This would be a recommended update for clients who have built iOS apps on Cordova, as some deprecated libraries might lead to iOS App store rejection. If you face any issues while updating, please refer to this section of our developer documentation.

ii) React Native SDK updated to v1.2.8
We have fixed bugs related to push callbacks registration when the app is in a killed state.

iii) GTM iOS SDK updated to v2.0.1
GTM iOS SDK now supports WebEngage’s latest iOS SDK v5.2.6, which has several important optimizations. Also, the minimum supported iOS version has been raised to version 10 (this is in sync with all other available iOS SDKs for WebEngage).

3. Mobile Design Mode in Email Drag & Drop Editor

We have added mobile design support in the ‘Drag & Drop’ editor available for Email. This lets you create mobile-friendly emails with ease.


4. Optimization in ‘Wait For Time Slots’ block in Journeys

The wait for time slot block is generally used when you want your users to proceed in the journey only during a particular time slot. Let’s understand this with the help of an example: Suppose you have configured a ‘Wait For Time Slots’ block in your journey to ensure that users proceed to the next step in the journey only on Weekdays between 9:00 am to 11:00 am. The next step is an email campaign with a phone call as its call to action.

flood-gate WebEngage

Before this release, if users entered this block after 11:00 am, they would proceed to the next step at exactly 9:00 am on the next weekday. Everyone receiving the email at once can cause an extra load on the call centers.

For ‘Wait For Time Slots’ blocks created going forward, a new ‘Flood Gate’ option will be enabled by default. This allows users who enter this block after 11:00 am to proceed to the next step anytime between 9:00 am to 11:00 am (instead of proceeding to the next step at 9:00 am) on the next weekday. Staggering your communication this way can help you to manage your call-center traffic better.

Note: You can manually disable the Flood Gate toggle off if you don’t want the block to follow the aforementioned behavior.

That’s all we have for you now and a lot more planned in our upcoming releases! As we proceed towards working on the new features and launches for you, enjoy these new features to their fullest! 🙂

If you wish to pass on any feedback about these releases or are unsure about implementing any of these features, get in touch, and we’ll help you out!

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Product Manager, 


Niket is a Product Manager at WebEngage, looking after all major and minor product releases. Leveraging his work experience in Customer Success, he further strengthens our “first principle” and “customer first” thinking when it comes to building our product.

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