Monthly Releases: March, 2022

Monthly Releases: March, 2022

Hey Reader,

Greetings from WebEngage!

We hope you’re having a great experience with WebEngage. We’re excited to introduce new features on the dashboard. 😀

Split Block – Intelligent Optimization And Statistics

The WebEngage system now intelligently optimizes the user distribution percentage across various branches in your Journeys and Relays. We’ve also added a dedicated statistics section for Split blocks, making it easier to analyze the performance of all branches. Have a look at our blog post for more information.

Customize the Appearance of Push Notifications

You can now customize the text and background of push notifications (make them bold/italicized/underlined, change their colors, etc.), create sticky pushes, and so much more. Head on over to this blog post for more.

Please note:To achieve the above capabilities, update Android SDK to v3.20.0 and iOS Service and Content Extension v1.0.0. To update the iOS extension, follow this documentation. Android clients who have been creating their own custom notifications (using key-value pair) will have to follow this documentation while updating their app.

Support For Header Fields In WhatsApp Templates

We’re introducing support for adding a header field in the text templates for Infobip and Gupshup.

Go ahead, try it out, and let us know what you think.

Hope you start making the most of these features and enjoy using them as much as we enjoyed developing them for you! We have some important and major features releases in the pipeline. Stay tuned for more! 😀

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  • Created: 08 Apr 2022
  • Last Updated: 08 Apr 2022



Niket RajaProduct Manager, WebEngage

Niket is a Product Manager at WebEngage, looking after all major and minor product releases. Leveraging his work experience in Customer Success, he further strengthens our “first principle” and “customer first” thinking when it comes to building our product.

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