Net Promoter Score: 5 Actions You Must Take After Measuring NPS

Net Promoter Score: 5 Actions You Must Take After Measuring NPS

Remember, in my last blog post (haven’t read it yet, do read, if you are into doing more with Data you’ll love it), I talked about how User Behavior Data can be clubbed with Net Promoter Score Categorization to define micro-segments of customers and garner actionable insights.

Table of Contents:

1. Action#1 Thank respondents
2. Action#2 Categorize the feedback
3. Action#3 Provide feedback to key account managers
4. Action#4 Let your workforce see entire NPS report
5. Action#5 Demonstrate by taking action

Here, in this post I mention the few important actions you must take to make the most of measuring NPS.

Let’s begin. First things first;

Net Promoter Score is about Action not just measurement

Net Promoter Score is not a score that you measure every once in a while to present to Board Members in a conference room.

NPS is not another number to the slide of a performance review ppt.

NPS is not an indicator only to be analyzed and not to be acted upon.

Sadly, more often than not managers have a single point focus at chasing the score. In the process, they forget to act upon it.

“65% of top 200 global companies use Net Promoter, but few are doing it right.”
Fred Reichheld, co-creator of Net Promoter

The foundation of NPS is laid on it being actionable for the organization as whole. If NPS is limited to being just a score and another addition to corporate metrics it won’t help improve customer loyalty and drive business growth. Consider this:

Your goal is to fit into your two-year-old outfit, only weighing yourself won’t help but workout will.

Actions lead to result and measurement lets you keep track of where you are headed. For that you need net promoter score analysis that goes beyond numbers.

Once you’re done measuring NPS, you should have an action plan to follow. Following are some pointers to help you prioritize the actions you want to take.

Net Promoter Score (NPS) action plan:

Action#1 Thank respondents:

A simple ‘thank you’ goes a long way. It may seem unimportant or too little an action to focus on, but small things matter. Customers are taking the time out to fill in their responses, and the favor should be appreciated. A personalized email assuring redressal of issues, complaints or even appreciating a good review does more good than we anticipate. You can consider setting the processes in place.

A typical use-case while using website surveys to measure NPS is to capture emails along with customer responses and simultaneously feed customer details into Mailchimp. You can automate this process and send personalized Thank You emails.

Furthermore, you can also send distinct emails to Detractors/Passives/Promoters. Along with the customary Thank You, the body copy of emails sent to Detractors can be used to convey the promise of better service, matching or exceeding their expectations in times to come. Similarly, emails to Promoters can convey appreciation.

Action#2 Categorize the feedback:

Start with flagging the responses to follow-up question (that solicits reasons for rating) in different categories. By doing this, you can easily identify sources of aberrations within your business.

Moreover, customers rating a 9 or 10 will most probably say good things about your business. You can immediately reach out to them via email seeking their approval to quote them in a testimonial. Chances are you will get a nod and a ready made testimonial, without much effort.

Action#3 Provide feedback to key account managers:

They say every problem is an opportunity and all challenges are chances, it is just a matter of how you choose to approach them. All Detractors and Passives are an opportunity to create promoters.

Provide the feedback gathered by NPS survey to Key Account Managers. Redressing issues personally build a long lasting bond with customers. It also paves a way to convert more non-promoters into Promoters. Personally committing better service in future is a way to show that you are listening, it helps strengthen the business relationship.

Action#4 Let your entire workforce see the NPS report:

NPS is not some metrics only meant for people sitting in ivory towers. It is a score meant to be understood and reviewed by every department per se. Raising awareness about NPS across the length and breadth of the organization helps you improve the score, and secondly it motivates the front line employee to do better.

Action#5 Demonstrate by taking action:

Especially for Detractors, you can win some trust back by demonstrating actions on their feedback. Pick specific cases of dissatisfying experience and redress them. Connect with the customers, tell them its rectified, who knows you can win some loyalty.

Show that you don’t only hear but listen to the voice of the customer. After determining the areas of improvement and marking department specific responsibilities, it is time for action. Set an example for customers to notice the improvement.


Add me to the list of people who have told you that actions speak louder than words. It’s a known fact that customers trust actions more than words.

No matter how much you talk about the importance of customer satisfaction, winning customer loyalty and measuring Net Promoter Score; ultimately taking actions is of paramount importance.

Hope you have a good time taking actions on Net Promoter Score. It’s action time.

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See how Chaayos, an offline cafe chain, achieved an Excellent NPS

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