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PHOOL, an Indian social impact startup, increases its revenue by 23%
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    Boost in conversion rate

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    Increase in the number of orders placed

By enrolling in the WebEngage Startup Program, we’ve adopted a growth marketing approach that shall help us scale our business faster and bring down acquisition costs over time.

Ankit Agarwal
Founder at PHOOL


PHOOL is the world’s first profitable and lean solution to the ‘temple waste’ problem. Founded by Ankit Agarwal in 2017, PHOOL collects floral waste from temples, preventing them from getting dumped into rivers. These sacred flowers are then handcrafted into charcoal-free incense sticks by women from marginalized sections of society. Once the incense sticks are ready for commercial use, they are listed on PHOOL’s website and sold PAN India.


Joining the WebEngage Startup Program’s Class of 2020-21

PHOOL wants to grow its business exponentially. Therefore, enrolling for the WebEngage Startup Program’s Class of 2020-21 seemed like the perfect choice to get the growth mode fired up early on.

With a host of incense fragrances available on PHOOL’s website, it was also the right time to start leveraging a full-stack marketing automation platform to engage its users with personalized communication.

Apurv Misal

Head of Marketing and Sales, PHOOL

Growth and retention marketing at the early stages of a startup either get ignored or are not well-managed due to lack of proper tools.
With the WebEngage Startup Program, we have been able to work with industry experts and leverage the best-in-class Retention Operating System.

We can create micro-segments of our users, engage them across channels and analyze their behavior to match their expectations. As a result of sending hyper-personalized communication to our users, we’ve witnessed a 33% increase in conversion rate.

What is the WebEngage Startup Program?

The WebEngage Startup Program is a 6-month program to empower early-stage startups in accelerating their growth. Any startup that enrolls for the WebEngage Startup Program receives the following benefits:

  • Free access to the WebEngage Retention Operating System for 6 months.
  • A dedicated team of WebEngage advisors who help in accelerating growth.
  • Superior omnichannel campaign orchestration and campaign analytics.

As a part of the program, PHOOL has also been aided with several initiatives and processes to get its user engagement initiatives going. Here’s how!

Creating engagement strategies with WebEngage Advisors

The Advisors at WebEngage provide regular mentorship in terms of strategies adopted for effective user engagement and retention. For example, The advisors suggested the team at PHOOL engage high-intent users with automated communication workflows. This was important as high-intent users have the highest propensity to convert when nudged with the right content at the right time.

The advisors also collaborated with the teams at PHOOL to conduct 2-way sessions to provide feedback on the existing strategies and potential improvements.

Getting started with the WebEngage dashboard

Once PHOOL signed up for the WebEngage Startup Program, a dedicated onboarding expert was assigned to help the team overcome challenges and achieve their goals. After that, all the integration requirements, such as Events (system and custom), User attributes, SDKs, etc., were configured. This ensured a well-timed and hassle-free integration process.

A seamless integration process helped PHOOL to get started with effective user engagement in a couple of weeks and implement several use cases on the WebEngage dashboard.

Accelerating the implementation of user engagement campaigns

At WebEngage, we understand that any early-stage startup’s most crucial asset is ‘Time.’ Keeping this in mind, the WebEngage dashboard enables PHOOL to create, test quickly, and run user engagement campaigns across multiple channels.

PHOOL has devised relevant campaigns using multiple channels like On-site, Web Push, and Email. Thus, increasing conversions and revenue.

Here are a couple of critical use cases that PHOOL has implemented on the WebEngage dashboard:

→ Accelerating first-time conversions
→ Encouraging cart abandoners to place an order

PHOOL now runs several user engagement campaigns on the WebEngage dashboard. The startup relies on the WebEngage Retention Operating System for unified customer data, analytics, omnichannel campaign orchestration, and personalization.

Here’s a look at some of the results witnessed by PHOOL while being a part of the WebEngage Startup Program:

  • 23% increase in revenue
  • 33% boost in conversion rate
  • 18% increase in the number of orders placed
Ankit Agarwal

Ankit Agarwal Founder at PHOOL

By enrolling in the WebEngage Startup Program, we’ve adopted a growth marketing approach that shall help us scale our business faster and bring down acquisition costs over time. We’ve increased our revenue by 23% and continue to grow it even further. The Onboarding and Customer Success teams at WebEngage have been highly supportive throughout the program.

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The Program helped us scale our business faster and bring down acquisition costs with time.


Ankit Agarwal

Founder, PHOOL

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