3 Hacks to Capture More Information From Inactive Users

3 Hacks to Capture More Information From Inactive Users

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46% of marketers consider customized messaging/personalized customer experience as their topmost priority.* There’s a set of users that keeps marketers from achieving this. These users have limited interaction with products, spend bare minimum time, exit without transacting, and don’t share information about themselves. We’ve created this guide to help you identify early signs of customer churn and capture more information from inactive users.

Do you know that inactivity is an early sign of a customer about to churn? We studied the usage data of our own product.  We found that inactive users are approximately 2.5 times more likely to churn than active users.

After putting in all the hard work to acquire users, it’s worthwhile to engage with inactive users and keep them active!

Download this eBook to learn more about your lazy users and how to transform them into active users.

In this eBook, you’ll learn how:

  • Lazy users impact churn
  • To identify lazy users
  • To know more about your lazy users

You’ll also learn 3 hacks to:

  • Build buyer personas using gamification
  • Nudge your users at the right place and the right time
  • Quiz your users in the right manner that compels them to be more active on your product

On the core, continuous, opportune communication is the key to knowing more about users. It enables you to have contextual and proactive interaction with users. It also opens new avenues to serve them better with personalized offers keeping them engaged.

We delved deeper into identifying these lazy users. The result is a list of hacks to get the lazy bunch of users to be active. The fundamental aspect these hacks focus on is staying relevant by nudging users at the right time and place. They also involve asking questions using the Psychology of Fear of Missing Out and using Gamification.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your copy now!

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