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Death By Tools: The State of Customer Engagement & Retention Tools

What is Death By Tools & Why Is It A Problem?

Competitive innovation and disruption come at a cost. Tools are often programmed to be operable but not interoperable. They are designed to work well with the customer but not with each other. More time is spent on understanding tools than on using them. This complexity creates gaps, gaps spark fragmentation, fragmentation makes silos and silos cause ‘Death by Tools’. Digital solutions, to be truly impactful, must not only be diversified but also unified.

What Is This Report All About?

Death By Tools: The State of Customer Engagement & Retention Tools is a holistic guide on the MarTech landscape’s plight, outlining ways to combat the gaping holes in the SaaS ecosystem and devise airtight strategies for perfecting the art of customer retention at legacy and new-age enterprises.

Carefully curated from data gathered by trusted sources, this all-in-one resource unearths consumable insights on incohesive customer data, complex vendor evaluation, the rise of data silos and myopic solutions which have led to a fractured user experience.

Did You Know?

Companies today implement several tools to bolster their marketing initiatives across multiple channels like Web & App Push Notifications, in-App Notifications, On-site pop-ups & banners, email & SMS marketing, WhatsApp, Facebook, and Google. The plethora of tools deployed by them focuses on tackling short-term problems in isolation instead of solving long-term problems in unison. Needless to say, vendor management becomes unmanageable and such temporary fixes inevitably tend to fester into permanent impediments.

  • There are over 11,000 MarTech solutions with one new solution being created every day
  • 80% of your profits come from 20% of your customers
  • 78% of B2C marketers have a unified customer profile as their top priority

What’s Inside?

  • A dissection of the MarTech ecosystem
  • How to evaluate vendors using a well-designed evaluation matrix?
  • Failproof ways to bridge data gaps and quagmires
  • How to find the right fit for your needs using an omnichannel approach
  • Advantages of building a unified tech stack

In a nutshell, this report will help you save millions of valuable revenue that would otherwise be left on the table due to data inefficiencies. This report will also help you take the first steps towards building a data culture and spearhead your digital transformation vision in the right direction.

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