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8 Tips To Boost Mobile App Download For Android & iOS

8 Tips To Boost Mobile App Download For Android & iOS
8 Tips To Boost Mobile App Download For Android & iOS
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What do you think is the number of apps on Google’s Play store & Apple’s App store today? Take a wild guess.

According to Statista, today there are approx 2.47 million apps on the Play store while App Store comes in at second with approx 1.8 million apps.

Do you think that’s an intimidating number? Read on.

As per App Annie’s State of Mobile report 2019, of the 10 biggest mobile markets in the world, mobile users in 7 countries have more than 90 apps installed in their phones at any given time. (Indians are at a little less than 70)

How many they constantly use? – Not even 40.

As you can see, the aforementioned numbers are a testament to the fierce competition you can find yourself in, if you’re launching a mobile app. But when there are over 5 billion mobile users in the world, you cannot just NOT have an app for your business today.

Trying to break through all the noise and make your app stand out, takes more than just a great UI / UX or non-conventional offerings today.

While there’re many different types of campaigns you can run to help you get more users or have different strategies to market your app, often times, a few little-known ways can also help you score a home run.

Doesn’t matter if you already have a web-based audience you want to persuade to download your app, or if you’re a mobile-only firm, these eight little-known ways can help you increase your app downloads.

Why App Downloads Matter

App downloads are the initial step in the user journey. Without a significant number of downloads, even the most well-designed app with outstanding features cannot achieve its desired impact. High download rates open the door to deeper user engagement and retention.

Additionally, apps with higher download numbers in app stores tend to appear more prominently in search results and recommendations. This increased visibility can attract even more users and boost download numbers.

For many apps, especially those with in-app purchases or subscription models, more downloads translate directly into increased revenue potential. Even for free apps, a large user base can be monetized through advertising and partnerships.

8 Proven Methods to Boost Your Mobile App Downloads

1. Get more reviews with an app plug-in
2. Try influencer marketing campaigns
3. Put a link to your app in your email signature
4. Create a demo video
5. Create a QR code for your app
6. Upload your app to alternative app stores
7. Host a giveaway
8. Write a guest post

1. Optimize for app store search

Visibility is the most important aspect of boosting your app downloads. App Store Optimization (ASO) is the key to unlocking this visibility and enhancing your app’s discoverability in app stores. ASO is not just about topping the search results; it’s about connecting with the right users at the right time.

This involves identifying and using keywords that potential users are likely to search for. Incorporating these keywords into your app’s title, description, and metadata can significantly improve its visibility in search results.

Optimize for app store search

Both organic search results and paid ads play a vital role in ASO. Paid ads can boost visibility quickly, while a strong organic ranking builds long-term credibility and user trust.

Additionally, being featured in top charts or category rankings in app stores like Google Play or the App Store can dramatically increase your app’s visibility and credibility, leading to more downloads.

2. Get more reviews with an app plug-in

High ratings and positive reviews are the backbone of your app’s success. This enhances your app’s credibility, encouraging more users to download it. A survey by Dimensional Research found that 90% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

However, getting reviews isn’t always easy. Rather than hoping for reviews to roll in, use an app review plugin to encourage more reviews.

A plugin like Appirater asks users to review your app after it’s used a certain number of times, or after a certain period of time – you decide. If the user agrees to “rate your app,” he or she is immediately taken to the app store to leave a review.

Here’s how the app encourages users to leave a review:

Get more reviews with an app plug-in

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3. Get more reviews with an app plug-in

Content marketing is a strategic approach to attracting and engaging potential app users. Here’s how you can leverage content marketing to boost your mobile app downloads:

  • Create valuable and relevant content

Craft content that resonates with your target audience. Blog posts, infographics, and videos that address their pain points or interests can draw attention to your app. For instance, if your app is a fitness tracker, publish articles about health and wellness tips.

  • Leverage SEO for visibility

Optimize your content for search engines to increase its visibility. Use relevant keywords, meta descriptions, and engaging titles. This ensures that when potential users search for related topics, your content – and thereby your app – appears in their search results.

  • Utilize social media platforms

Share your content on social media platforms where your target audience is most active. Engaging posts, stories, and interactive content can create buzz around your app. Encourage sharing to extend your reach.

  • Incorporate user testimonials and stories

Include real-life stories and testimonials from satisfied users. This not only adds credibility to your app but also provides potential users with relatable experiences.

For instance, Fitbit, known for its wearable technology devices, excels in this area. Their blog is a treasure trove of information that aligns perfectly with their audience’s interests in healthy living and fitness. From yoga positions to men’s health screenings and healthy recipes, Fitbit’s content not only informs but also engages their audience, driving interest towards their app.

Incorporate user testimonials and stories

4. Try influencer marketing campaigns

Influencer marketing is all the rage right now. It’s not a new concept, but the extensive use and reach of social media has made it a highly effective marketing tool.

What is influencer marketing? It’s like getting a celebrity endorsement; only in this case, the celebrity is defined as someone who has a significant influence on social media. For instance, a well-known photographer with a million followers on Instagram could work with the makers of a photography app to spread the word.

The idea is to connect with someone who has “social pull” with your Target Audience, and work together to create a campaign that promotes your app. For instance, the well-known photographer could use your app to take three photos, share them on their Instagram page and tout your app.

89% of marketers who currently engage with influencer marketing will increase or maintain their investment in 2023.

While Influencer Marketing can be a little costly venture depending upon the stature of your influencer and how large of a following you want to tap into, it’s still a great way to generate buzz about your brand and gain users who’re bound to experience your product as it has been vouched for by a higher authority – something which other marketing avenues don’t promise.

Fastest-growing online customer-acquisition method

It’s for this reason that marketers, even with all the costs involved, prefer to go down the influencer marketing route, with increasing the app downloads one of the major objectives here.

5. Create a demo video

Video is a powerful marketing tool. 85% of Millennials are more likely to buy a product after watching a video.

Once your app is ready for the public, create several 60-second videos that show potential users exactly what your app does and how it makes life easier. Of course, 60 seconds is a very limited time to show customers everything that your app can do. But that’s ok. The idea behind these small demonstrations is to piqué curiosity enough to convince someone to download the app.

At the end of the video, you’ll need a call-to-action, or a CTA, that takes viewers right to the app store or a landing page to download the app immediately.

If you don’t have the video skills needed to create a demonstration, there are companies that specialize in creating promotional app videos. AppDemoVideos.com, for example, does this kind of work.

Here is an app demo video by Salesforce app:

Watch Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?si=oEWYkuWbo77BPg7F&v=J2UwI6FDs-k&feature=youtu.be

Once you have the video, share it on all of your social channels, put it on your website, and include it in triggered email campaigns.

6. Create a QR code for your app

If you thought QR Codes were a thing of the past, think again. Social messaging apps are making QR Codes popular once again. Fortune just ran an article on this phenomenon. There’s a great piece which talks about some of the most high-profile use cases of QR Codes, from people who have used it effectively.

QR codes eliminate the friction in the app discovery process. Instead of having potential users search for your app in crowded app stores, a QR code can directly lead them to your app’s download page. This not only simplifies the user’s journey but also enhances the likelihood of app downloads.

Best practices to implement QR codes to boost your app downloads:

  • Place your QR codes where your target audience is most likely to see them. This could be in physical locations like stores, on product packaging, or in print advertisements. You can also integrate them into digital platforms such as your website, email newsletters, or social media channels.
  • Customizing your QR code with colors, logos, or call-to-action (CTA) text can significantly increase its appeal. A branded QR code not only looks more professional but also reinforces your app’s identity, making it more recognizable to your users.
  • Ensure that scanning the QR code takes users directly to the appropriate download page for their device’s operating system. This streamlined process reduces the steps needed to download your app, thereby improving conversion rates.
  • Not all users may be familiar with how QR codes work. Providing simple instructions on how to scan the code can be beneficial. This could be a brief text explanation or a visual guide alongside the QR code.
  • Consider offering incentives to users who download your app via the QR code. This could be in the form of discounts, exclusive content, or loyalty points. Such incentives can significantly boost the attractiveness of scanning and downloading.

Best practices to implement QR codes to boost your app download

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7. Upload your app to alternative app stores

The App Store and Google Play are by far the most popular places to find and download apps, but they aren’t the only ones in the business. There are alternative app stores that you can upload your app to, and it might provide the boost in users that you need.

If a mobile app is registered at relatively less popular stores, the expected downloads can increase with a speed of 200%.

Some of the alternative stores, like AppChina, for example, get great traffic in foreign markets, so you have some real potential to increase your app’s reach by offering it in alternative locations.

Here’s a great breakdown of the mobile app downloads and revenues by app store shown below :

App Store Downloads With WebEngage

Check out the stores mentioned in the graph, and in addition, here are a few other stores to investigate:

8. Implement referral programs

Referral programs are a powerful tool in the arsenal of app marketing strategies. As Andrew Chen from Andreessen Horowitz highlights, a well-executed referral program can constitute a significant portion of your user acquisition efforts.

Referral programs capitalize on word-of-mouth marketing. When your current users recommend your app to their friends and family, it carries more weight than traditional advertising. According to Nielsen’s study, 88% of consumers trust recommendations from people they know, making referrals a crucial element of your growth strategy.

Your referral program can offer rewards in the form of in-app credits, premium features, or even real-world rewards. Ensure that the reward is enticing enough to encourage participation.

Here is an example of how Lyft uses a referral program to boost app downloads.

how Lyft uses a referral program to boost app downloads


Apps are an important communication tool for every company, but getting your customer base to download the app can be a challenge. That’s why it’s important to use creative, out-of-the-box marketing techniques like those listed above to ensure your app not only gets noticed but also downloaded.

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