Feature Enhancement: Journey Wait Blocks

Feature Enhancement: Journey Wait Blocks

We have been working hard to enhance your experience of using WebEngage Journeys. Since Journeys map your users’ lifecycles, they are generally run for long periods of time. During this period, a lot of changes might happen to the business, or you might learn how to optimize these user lifecycles for better outcomes. This means that user journey need to be flexible enough to accommodate such changes to be able to help you optimize outcomes from them.

A stride we are taking in this direction is to allow you to modify running Journeys, so that you can make such changes on the fly. Although there will always be Journey configurations that must not be modified for the sake of consistency in your users’ communication, we can still tweak a lot of other parameters.

In your running Journeys, you could already modify the campaign message of all the campaigns in the Journey, along with Conversion Tracking, Exit Trigger, Frequency Capping, DND and Queueing settings. With this release, we are also enabling you to modify three types of blocks for any of your Upcoming, Running or Sunset Journeys.

Wait for Some Time block

You can modify this block’s whole configuration. 


Wait for an Event block

You can only modify the up to n minutes/hours/days… part of the configuration. Modification of the event or its date attribute here is not allowed.

Wait for a Date block

You can modify below mentioned parts of the configuration. Modification of the user profile attribute or event here is not allowed.

  • On / After / Before

  • For After and Before: n minutes/hours/days…

  • Margin Window

  • Created: 12 Oct 2018
  • Last Updated: 23 Jan 2022



Pankaj Gautam Product Manager, WebEngage

Pankaj is a Product Manager at WebEngage. He draws inspiration from technology, business and design communities to elevate our product to a world-class marketing automation suite. Prior to WebEngage, Pankaj worked with the product team at OYO, and began his career building his startup focused on boosting conversations within communities. A graduate from IIT Gandhinagar, he enjoys his coffee, music and non-fiction whenever he catches a break.

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