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Fud x WebEngage Startup Program | Revolutionizing Social Hustling Through Strategic Journeys

Fud impact Story hero image
Fud impact Story hero image
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Amidst the recent digital boom, social hustling – or a non-traditional way to make money through side hustles or working for themselves – has emerged as a transformative trend in entrepreneurship. Leveraging online platforms, individuals convert passions into profitable pursuits, utilizing social media and digital networks to connect, showcase skills, and seize opportunities.

This dynamic shift opens market access to individuals, enabling diverse talents to thrive globally. Social hustling epitomizes the fusion of ambition and digital innovation, reshaping traditional entrepreneurial boundaries and offering a platform for individuals to monetize their interests in a connected world.

And that’s exactly what Fud aims to provide for users.

About Fud

Fud is the world’s first social hustling and learning community, built for aspiring hustlers to hone their craft through conversation. Their goal is to build the community by super-serving the hustler and hustle mindset, comprised of proven experts who are subject matter experts on core FUD categories and viewers who want to learn and gain knowledge to earn income and unlock deals.

What is Fud’s story?

For most people, COVID provided an opportunity to rethink life, priorities, and employment. This was no different for Arthur Wang, the Founder and CEO of Fud, who built the world’s first hustling community that empowers hustlers – i.e., people that have or want a side income – to maximize their education and earnings.

About 40% of working Americans have a side hustle; the average hustle makes $1,100 a month, but the median is only $200. Arthur asked himself why these deltas existed and wanted to do something about it. He’s a serial founder, having created companies in the consumer, finance, media, and entertainment industries.

What is the importance of what Fud is building?

According to Arthur Wang, the Founder and CEO of Fud, “Fud sees people coming in who don’t want traditional jobs; they have their own businesses, and they want to work with many clients without having all their eggs in one basket. With inflation, layoffs, and no safety (not even in big tech), people want to live a life on their terms with more freedom. This is going to be a huge area of growth and this is the future of work. If you want to make money and find your place in the new economy, it’s a requirement that you learn a side hustle or multiple! We need investors and people buying into that vision.”

What’s Fud’s North Star?

Their North Star is to help put money in hustlers’ pockets. They want to empower everyone with a side hustle to succeed and to support them in elevating their hustles by building a community that thrives on sharing their know-how.

Fud core values

To know more about Fud’s name, its inspiration for customer love, what sets them apart, and more, read on.

Collaboration with the WebEngage Startup Program (WSP)

The Fud team extensively uses its collaboration with the WebEngage Startup Program. They use the WebEngage platform for both sides of their marketplace, i.e., for onboarding learners as well as assisting experts to succeed with sharing and monetizing their know-how.

This proves to be beneficial for not only hustlers but also knowledge experts in furthering their knowledge, network, and more.


  • Warm-Up Email Campaigns




    1. Objective: Introduce users to the Fud ecosystem and set the stage for community engagement.


    1. App Install to Sign Up Journey

Objective: Simplify the onboarding process and encourage user engagement.


    1. Welcome Journeys

Objective: Cultivate a sense of belonging for both users and experts.


    1. Uninstall Journey

Objective: Understand the reasons behind user attrition and improve user retention strategies.


    1. Results and Impact

Increased Engagement: Streamlined onboarding contributed to a noticeable uptick in user engagement.
Personalization Success: Welcome journeys resulted in higher user satisfaction and a sense of community.
Insights from Uninstall Journey: Valuable data collected to enhance platform features and address pain points.

Collective Impact

WSP’s exceptional customer support played a pivotal role in elevating Fud’s overall user experience.

Fud’s team found WSP’s customer support to be not only responsive but also highly knowledgeable, addressing queries promptly and offering insightful solutions. This level of support proved invaluable, ensuring a smooth implementation of WebEngage’s tools and features tailored to Fud’s specific needs.

Moreover, the ease of access to the WebEngage dashboard significantly contributed to the success of Fud’s journey campaigns.

WSP fud collaboration


The collaborative synergy between WSP and Fud exemplifies a triumphant alliance in the realm of social hustling. WSP’s stellar customer support became the cornerstone of Fud’s journey, offering timely expertise that streamlined the integration of WebEngage tools.

The accessibility and user-friendliness of the WebEngage dashboard further fortified Fud’s ability to craft personalized journeys and foster a vibrant community. Together, WSP and WebEngage have not only met but exceeded Fud’s expectations, marking this partnership as a testament to the transformative power of robust support and intuitive technology in the pursuit of social hustling success.

About the WebEngage Startup Program

WebEngage Startup Program is a growth accelerator for early-stage consumer startups across the globe. Since its inception in 2020, the program has helped over 300+ startups grow and scale their businesses with free access to the WebEngage retention stack for six months, free credits worth $25000, alongside dedicated customer success.

The platform enables startups to deliver an exceptional customer experience and build customer loyalty, increase the Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV), and lay the foundation for retention-led growth from day one, thereby paving the way for building sustainable business.

What’s in it for startups?

  • Free full access to WebEngage’s marketing automation platform for 6 months.
  • $25,000 in FREE credits to execute campaigns across Email, SMS, WhatsApp, Push notifications, and more digital channels.
  • Dedicated customer onboarding and success managers.
  • Exclusive founder and mentor community.
  • Expert-led masterclasses on growth, customer retention, and much more.

To begin your journey with the WebEngage Startup Program, apply now.


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