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Empowering Artists with Meramu | A WebEngage Startup Program Collaboration

Hero Image - Meramu
Hero Image - Meramu
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It’s 2023. The demand for genuine art & artists has shot up amid a boom in AI-created artwork.
Here is where Meramu steps in.

An e-commerce ecosystem builder in the original artwork space, Meramu serves both buyers and artists to provide access to affordable art for entry-level art buyers, creating an open market for emerging artists and amplifying awareness of affordable art collections.

Building Community of Contemporary Artists in Indonesia

Meramu, in its terminology, means finding and collecting materials needed to create something that brings benefits. During our scouting process, the team discovered how artists in Indonesia are creating remarkable artworks driven by thoughtful processes and enriching values.

Conversely, Meramu also finds disorganized information and ‘exclusive’ access to artworks. With that, they hope to become the medium to bridge and connect the artists and the buyers through the artworks. The team makes it their mission to build meaningful connections and support artists with various colors and backgrounds in an attempt to build a strong community of Indonesian contemporary artists.

Meramu also offers tailor-made services to companies for art installation, product design and merchandising, and art-related event activation. The team connects clients with artists and curators from brand ideation to implementation.


Recently, the brand embarked on a transformative journey, joining forces with WebEngage to redefine the narrative of customer success, leveraging the power of user-friendly dashboards, website and email communication, and a strategic on-site notification approach.

Increasing Meramu’s Lead Generation with On-Site Surveys

The partnership between Meramu and WebEngage has been highly lucrative.

By leveraging the power of on-site notifications, Meramu is uncovering hidden opportunities and tailoring its offerings to meet the evolving needs of its audience.

Through targeted surveys strategically placed on its website, Meramu is not just collecting data but nurturing a sense of community and inclusivity. Customers feel heard and valued, an integral part of Meramu’s growth story.
Meramu_onsite survey


The Meramu team witnessed a growth, revenue, and engagement surge across channels.

  • Daily Active Users increased.
  • On-Site Surveys (Lead Generation) increased by 4%.
  • The response rate for On-Site Surveys increased by 73.5% by artists.
  • On-site notifications lead in channel usage for Meramu, contributing the highest percentage for Meramu’s lead generation. Overall, channel adoption hovers around 30%.

We wish Meramu all the best for their future endeavors and look forward to seeing what’s in store for them.

About the WebEngage Startup Program

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