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Hitting The ‘Rewind’ Button

Hitting The ‘Rewind’ Button
Hitting The ‘Rewind’ Button
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You just can’t ignore data anymore. It is the only objective force in a subjective marketing world. Data is being beamed everywhere. If you know how to catch and wield it, I guarantee it’ll put you ahead of the curve.

Initiatives like Spotify Wrapped famously demonstrated an impressive display of first-party data by giving their users a glimpse of their behavior- a way to show off their taste in music to the world. It plays on our inherent need for self-validation and to know what we’ve been up to the last year.

Thanks to the proliferation of data-led campaigns, brands from all walks of life set their minds to it. Allow us to introduce you to one such brand that reinforced our faith in first-party data.

Meet TBO.COM, a global travel distribution platform from Dubai. Their platform connects over 147,000 Travel Buyers with a whopping 1 million Travel Suppliers across 100 countries.

The Campaign:

Not too long ago, TBO.COM partnered with WebEngage in February 2023, and a few months later, wished to roll out TBO Rewind, an impactful year-end campaign akin to Spotify Wrapped.

The Challenge:

The countless data points at their disposal were a boon but also posed complex challenges in executing the campaign.

The Solution:

The first step was to standardize and ready the data for consumption by WebEngage’s platform.

The next recommendation was to leverage WebEngage’s Catalog feature.

Rishika, from the Customer Success Team, played a pivotal role in breaking down sophisticated data sets and suggesting changes to plug them into the WebEngage platform.

Vinay from the Services team took the reins for the campaign’s execution by conducting thorough testing and accommodating multiple changes to deliver the TBO Rewind campaign in record time.

WebEngage’s Catalog feature allowed TBO to execute individualized insights into the Top Destinations Booked by individual bookers in the past year and showcased the Top Destinations in Your Country based on bookings by all agents.

We’ve illustrated a creative from the campaign and dissected its anatomy.

WebEngage’s Catalog feature allowed TBO to execute individualized insights

The Outcome:

This visually striking TBO Rewind campaign, which was the first-of-its-kind initiative in the B2B Travel Industry, was graced by around 10,000 bookers and demonstrated personalization at scale across 15 countries in 4 languages.

The campaign

  • Recorded open rates of 34%-52% against an average of 22-25% in the B2B industry.
  • Experienced clickthrough rates between 0.90-2.30% against an average of 0.5-1% through the Call-To-Action (CTA) button Explore More.
  • Won back substantial inactive customers on the portal looking for and booking more

The Takeaway:

The results prove their users value personalized content and, more importantly, quality content, which breaks the clutter of promotional and transactional emails they receive every week. TBO will now make this a half-yearly initiative needed in the fast-moving world of Travel & Tourism.

Behind The Curtains:

The Rewind campaign exemplifies the successful collaboration between TBO Holidays and WebEngage, showcasing the potency of innovative marketing strategies in the growing universe of global travel distribution. Besides this success story, recent implementations of diverse use cases have fueled their growth, resulting in a satisfied and thriving partnership with WebEngage.

WebEngage has helped grow 800+ brands like TBO over the years. If you’re reading this and are curious to do more with data, reach out for a free demo of our state-of-the-art marketing automation platform.


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