Monthly Releases: October, 2021

Monthly Releases: October, 2021

We are back again with our latest product updates to help you with your business goals! Let’s have a look at what we have achieved together in the past month.

Personalize your website using Journeys and Relays

We launched our Web Personalization product earlier this year to help you run 1:1 personalized campaigns on your website, instead of just relying on primitive A/B testing tools (do check out our EngageClass on this topic). We are now extending that support in Journeys and Relays to help you utilize this product in a much broader way.  Read our documentation to know more about how to set up Web Personalization in Journeys and Relays.

Product Updates October

Note: Web Personalization is only available for selected customers, reach out to your Customer Success Manager or to get access.

Mobile SDK updates

  • Android SDK updated to v3.18.7
    Makes our Android SDK compatible with Android 12
  • React Native SDK updated to v1.2.9
    Includes minor bug fixes and improvements
  • Cordova SDK updated to v.1.0.5
    Includes minor bug fixes and improvements

Service provider updates

That’s all we have for you as of now, and a lot more planned in our upcoming releases! As we work on the new features and launches for you, enjoy these new features to their fullest! 😀

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  • Created: 05 Nov 2021
  • Last Updated: 05 Nov 2021



Niket RajaProduct Manager, WebEngage

Niket is a Product Manager at WebEngage, looking after all major and minor product releases. Leveraging his work experience in Customer Success, he further strengthens our “first principle” and “customer first” thinking when it comes to building our product.

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