Drag & Drop Email Editor - Create Adaptive Email Templates with Ease!

Drag & Drop Email Editor - Create Adaptive Email Templates with Ease!

If there’s one product request we’ve received from almost all our customers – it is that of a Drag & Drop Email Editor  that can help you create beautiful responsive emails from scratch with email campaign. And we’re delighted to announce that this feature is now live!

You can now use a simple drag & drop functionality in WebEngage, marketing automation, to handcraft beautiful emails from scratch. You do not always have to work with your designers or developers anymore to create those delightful and engaging emails. You can now do this and much more with our Drag & Drop Email Editor.

Drag & Drop Editor with WebEngage

You can access the Drag & Drop Editor from the Message tab in the campaign creation process for Email. The previously handy links for personalizing your emails and adding an unsubscribe link are also available in the email editor.

Drag & Drop Editor with WebEngage - 1

Try out our new feature and tell us what you think of it! Or request a demo from our Success team to learn more about this feature.

  • Created: 07 Feb 2019
  • Last Updated: 16 Jan 2022



Arpit Rai VP Products, WebEngage

Arpit is the VP of Products at WebEngage. He has a keen interest in product management of SaaS products and scaling SaaS companies through thousands of customers and millions of dollars in revenues. He often blogs about his experiences with building and scaling SaaS product on his Medium publication. Prior to WebEngage, Arpit worked in product & growth at BrowserStack and was the first product hire there. Arpit is an alum of the Indian School of Business (ISB) and the National University of Singapore (NUS).

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