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Schedule Campaign Reports Ahead of Time with WebEngage!

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We have released Phase 1 of our new feature Schedule Reports today.

The objective of Schedule Reports is to help you receive regular updates (daily, weekly, monthly) for any report you see in your WebEngage dashboard. This could be a funnel report, cohort report, campaign report, etc. In Phase 1 of this release, you will be able to schedule consolidated reports for all your campaigns across various channels of user engagement in WebEngage.

Let’s explain this with an example. If you were interested in receiving regular updates for all your Email campaigns on WebEngage, you can now do so. You can now schedule a consolidated weekly report for all your Email campaigns that will contain data for each of the previous 7 days for each Email campaign. Just like the example above, you can now schedule such consolidated campaign reports for all the six channels of engagement – Push notifications, In-app messages, SMS campaign, Web Push, On-site Notification, and Email. Or you may also choose to schedule a single consolidated report for all your campaigns across all the six channels of engagement.

Schedule Campaign Reports with WebEngage

Phase 2 of Schedule Reports will cover the functionality of being able to schedule reports for any graph or chart you see in WebEngage such as that of a particular funnel, cohort, campaign, customer journey, etc.

Try out our new feature and tell us what you think of it! Or request a demo from our Success team to learn more about this feature.


VP Products, 


Arpit is the VP of Products at WebEngage. He has a keen interest in product management of SaaS products and scaling SaaS companies through thousands of customers and millions of dollars in revenues. He often blogs about his experiences with building and scaling SaaS product on his Medium publication. Prior to WebEngage, Arpit worked in product & growth at BrowserStack and was the first product hire there. Arpit is an alum of the Indian School of Business (ISB) and the National University of Singapore (NUS).

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