This Women's Day Get Sales Soaring

This Women's Day Get Sales Soaring

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1. E-Commerce- Offer Offer Everywhere
2. Hotel Industry
3. Healthcare
4. Marketplace

Women’s day is here. Women have taken the world by storm right now(remember Priyanka Chopra at the Oscars). The scenario is no different in the E-Commerce or B2B world.

According to the Next Web

“Women account for 58% of all total online spending and 22% shop online at least once a day.”

So if you try to segment your user base, there is a very high probability that your user base will be women oriented. This Women’s Day make your most loyal customer base and also target your users on the basis on their past activities.

The first and most important thing that you need to do before even thinking about running different offers on your website is to segment your user base. The basic segmentation can be gender biased. Although you should focus mainly on women but running site wide discount won’t hurt either because some men would want to make it special for all the women in their lives.

Starting with segmentation, it can be age dependent, purchasing power dependent, purchasing history dependent, geographic location dependent and also event driven.
For example you can run very high discounts for women who have purchased more than thrice from you with cart value of more than 2000 and offer them a loyalty program. Or create a segment of users who have visited a particular page on your site say “n” number of times (higher the “n”, more the interest in that particular page).
Or the number of users who are browsing the women’s section. There are no limits to the kind of segments that you can create. To know how to create segments in your dashboard, read here.

As women users are consistent throughout all business types, we thought of coming up industry specific hacks for your businesses. Let’s make this Women’s Day happy for your users as well as your business.

E-Commerce- Offer Offer Everywhere

If you belong to this industry, this is your time to “Up sell”. This is one major opportunity to offer discounts to your users and lure them into buying.
What you need to do?

  1. Create highly illustrative banners on your website with prominent CTAs to attract the attention of your users.
  2. Offer specific discounts on basis on segments created.You can create notifications that show up on checkout page.
  3. You can also add banner notifications around related products and try to increase cart value through incentivization and discounts.
  4. Run social media campaigns revolving around Women’s Day and increase social engagement.Push-Notification_1
  5. If you have an app, use push notification. The idea behind this is simple to create a segment-> User Attribute-> Gender and send them offers bringing them back to the app.

Hotel Industry

If you belong to the hotel industry, then don’t waste a single moment and do the following asap.

  1. Create segments of people who are booking rooms for females and offer discounts to them while making a booking.
  2. Run campaigns for discounted rates for women for the entire week. You can also incentivise women to women by giving a complimentary dinner or lunch on Women’s Day. You can use push notification or texts to convey the same.
  3. You can promote activities and events revolving around women in the weekend before the women’s day.
  4. You should send personalized emails to your user base informing them about your discounts around women’s day if they are travelling.


It is always said that women become more susceptible to health issues right after they turn 30. There you go, all you need to do is create segments on basis of user attributes and take age as one of the attributes.

  1. You can push out freebies on health checkups for every sign up. Create a survey on your website on entry of any new user and on time lapse of say 120 seconds.
  2. You can create segments of users consulting specific doctors and offer discounts on services. For example if someone books appointments for meeting an ophthalmologist, you can offer them discount on eye testing.
  3. You can run site wide banners on discounts on all services for women whose appointment is booked on Women’s Day.



If you own a marketplace, then this can be a great time for you to push your sellers to sell more. You can run a lightbox notification notifying your sellers about the upcoming women’s day and to stock up their items. You can show these notifications, only to selected users who deal with items in women’s categories using custom attributes.


Banking and finance sector always have special schemes running for women on their debit cards and net banking. They can highlight those during that period of time. You can also offer incentives for women opening an account on the day of Women’s Day.


As we mentioned in the start of the post women user base is the largest and the most frequent buyers for every sector. With careful segmentation and also personalised targeting you can create a wonderful experience for your users. With the hacks down your sleeve you can make the most of this opportunity.

Happy selling and yes A Very Happy Women’s Day!

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