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How to Quickly Improve Your Conversions with A/B Testing?

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Sending that one-off mass email campaign to a million users? Why not test different variations of your message on a smaller test audience of 10,000 users before sending the variation that got you the most conversions to the remaining audience?

Our new feature Send Winner of AB Testing Automatically helps you test different variations of your message on a smaller test audience before automatically sending the winning variation to a larger target audience.

Let us take another scenario. In your mass email marketing campaign above, you had 3 variations of your message and you had also enabled a control group to whom no messages were to be sent. Based on the test with 10,000 users, you realized that users in your control group were performing more conversions than users who received the different variations of your campaign. There was likely something amiss in the message you were sending to your users. Therefore, why bother sending the campaign to the larger audience when not sending the campaign is actually a better strategy in this case?

Conversions with A/B Testing by WebEngage

As you can see in the screenshot above, WebEngage does all the heavy lifting for you. We send the different variations of your message in equal proportions to the test audience. Based on how your audience reacts to these variations, we send the winning variation to the larger audience. This functionality is available for all types of campaigns – One-time, Triggered, Recurring and Journeys.

Our new feature helps you make the insights of your AB testing or multivariate testing actionable in real-time. Previously, the insights you gleaned from sending different variations of a campaign could only be used for your future campaigns. With our new feature, the insights become actionable in real-time so that your campaigns are always effective and you are able to drive significant revenues from each campaign you run on WebEngage!

Try out our new feature and tell us what you think of it! Or request a demo from our Success team to learn more about this feature.



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Arpit is the VP of Products at WebEngage. He has a keen interest in product management of SaaS products and scaling SaaS companies through thousands of customers and millions of dollars in revenues. He often blogs about his experiences with building and scaling SaaS product on his Medium publication. Prior to WebEngage, Arpit worked in product & growth at BrowserStack and was the first product hire there. Arpit is an alum of the Indian School of Business (ISB) and the National University of Singapore (NUS).

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