Inventory-led Engagement - A Superior Way for Automated User Engagement

Inventory-led Engagement - A Superior Way for Automated User Engagement

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The underlying go-to strategy for almost all businesses, to power their retention efforts, has been User Engagement. It plays a pivotal role in measuring the brands’ one-on-one interaction with its buyers across multiple touchpoints. Additionally, it adds value to the buyer’s overall brand experience, beyond just the transactional relationships.

Today, user engagement is no longer limited to marketing, sales, or support; it’s an ongoing practice wherein brands actively interact with their customers with messaging that interests, educates, or motivates them, and encourages a two-way conversation with the customer.

This is the genesis of Inventory-led Engagement – engagement initiated by the business on any change in the inventory, that might interest their customers. On WebEngage, you can achieve this using Relays. Relays is a workflow engine that helps you automate communication with users based on changes that happen in the business or inventory.

For example:

  • Product updates
  • New arrivals
  • Price drops
  • New stock alerts
  • New course update
  • New instructor
  • Flight price hike, etc.

This is in contrast to events performed by the user like cart abandonment, sign-up, purchase complete, etc.

Inventory-led-engagement is NOT about sending a one-time campaign to users, that businesses often send in an ad-hoc, chaotic manner. They are workflows triggered by businesses, that once set-up, let you communicate with your users for their lifetime (until stopped) and educate them about aspects that matter to them the most. With this, let’s have a look at how brands can exercise Inventory-led Engagement today.