A Marketer's Guide to Browser Push Notifications

A Marketer's Guide to Browser Push Notifications

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Since its launch in early 2015, Web Push Notifications as a channel of engagement has become highly popular. We decided to curate an eBook that will help you decode this channel of engagement and how you can use it to communicate effectively with your users.

What is a Web Push Notification?

A Web Push Notification (or a Browser Push Notification) is a pop-up that appears in a web browser or a mobile device. Before users receive these notifications, they have to opt-in to receive such notifications on the website that wants to send them notifications. Once the users subscribe to Web Push Notifications, they get regular updates from these websites with content that is relevant to them.

Why Have Web Push Notifications Gained Momentum

  • It has given marketers an opportunity to establish a dedicated opt-in audience
  • It has enabled marketers to re-engage their loyal users in real-time. No more waiting hours for that email in user’s inbox to be opened.
  • It controls the information feed the way you would want to – just like you can with Email, Mobile Push Notifications, SMS etc.
  • It enables you to stay in touch with anonymous visitors of your website. This works without them having to share their personal details with you
  • It allows you to engage users even when they are not present on your website

What You Can Use Web Push Notifications For

  • Time-sensitive deals
  • Product checkout reminders
  • Share breaking news
  • Back-in-stock alerts
  • Sale announcements
  • Realtime user-feed notifications and alerts
  • Price drop alerts for flights/hotels
  • Alerts for new web series/episodes
  • Nudges for completing the form completion and submission process

This comprehensive eBook is your go-to guide for any query related to Web Push Notifications. It explores what makes Web Push Notifications such a strong channel of engagement. It will also help you understand details of how you can craft effective strategies to use Web Push Notifications as a channel of engagement.

What You’ll Get In This eBook

  • Anatomy of a Web Push Notification
  • What makes Web Push Notification a preferable choice among marketers
  • How can you enable Web Push Notifications on your website
  • UX hacks to take permission from a user to subscribe to your Web Push Notifications
  • How do you make Web Push Notifications effective as a channel of engagement
  • Industry use-cases
  • Limitations of Web Push Notifications as a channel of engagement

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