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A Marketer’s Guide to In-App Messages

A Marketer’s Guide To In-App Messages (1)
How To Use In-App Messages As A Channel For User Engagement

Did you know? – 80% of your users churn after three months of app usage, (Source: ThinkWithGoogle). In fact, 23% of apps get uninstalled after just a single session.  As a marketer, these stats sound alarming and are potent enough to give you nightmares. To counter app uninstalls, we bring to you the Marketer’s Guide to In-App Messages. 

In-App Message is arguably the most under-appreciated channel of engagement. 

App publishers do not require permission to send in-app messages to an app user.  Compared to push messages, which reach only about 45% of app users, in-app users reach almost 100% of the app audience! 

That said, In-app messages aren’t time-sensitive and marketers can push them to users at any time of the day. In-app messages provide an expanded character count that allows marketers to package more content into messages. Moreover, they can contain rich text, support videos, gifs, and other graphical content.

In-app notifications also have a relatively higher success rate as the audience is already engaging with an app. Needless to say, marketers get more freedom about content and design when using this channel of engagement.

In the race to acquire new users, retention rates have dwindled and churn rates have reached new highs.  This behooves marketers to put In-App Messaging on priority as a channel of engagement with users.

But how do you begin to use In-App Messages within your multichannel Marketing strategy? 

Download this guide to learn all about  In-App Messages! We hope this helps you carve out an in-app message-based mobile engagement strategy for your business.

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