Real Money Games Playbook

Real Money Games Playbook

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After EdTech and OTT, the one sector that hugely benefited in the pandemic-stricken year of 2020, was Gaming. More precisely, Real Money Games (RMG).

A report stated that India’s games market is now generating between Rs 7,500 to Rs 10,000 crores in revenues, more than half coming from card-based games, and another quarter coming from fantasy games.

But as these RMGs start finding acceptance within the larger and growing gaming fraternity, new questions start to emerge:

  • How to keep gamers continue making deposits?
  • What should be the balance between player wins and losses?
  • How to identify the most valuable depositors and keep them happy?
  • How to increase customer lifetime value and fight churn?

Given that a player journey for RMGs really only start after making the deposit, these above questions become supremely important in unlocking the real value of your audience and engagement strategies that make them tick.

And this all boils down to just 1 thing – Better Retention!

Let’s look at what all include “better retention” for Real Money Games and how you can go about practicing it.

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