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Simplify B2B onboarding,
reduce churn
and build loyalty

WebEngage is an excellent product for customer engagement

Atul Chaudhary

Product Manager, Moglix

Grow your B2B E-commerce business with us

Convert more trials into paying customers and generate more revenue per customer

Create targeted campaigns for your mailing list based on parameters such as previous engagement, geography, purchase history, etc. Identify the right audience for your specific offerings thereby increasing your chances of upselling & cross-selling.

Track all events to create engaging experiences on all devices (to meet your customers’ high standards)

Create engaging, mobile-optimized experiences to empower your customers to place orders on any device, at any time. Increase sales with B2C-tested merchandising, content management, and promotional capabilities that differentiate your brand and make your offerings stand out.

User receives a coupon in mail
Adds to cart on the phone
Completes purchase on desktop
Gives 5-star rating

Get a 360-degree user view across all channels and touchpoints

Bridge the online and in-store gap by combining data from all sources & channels (website, social media, ad-campaigns) to enrich user profiles and drive seamless customer experiences. This will give you a robust view to understand what appeals to your users, how they interact with your brand, or why they may not be ready to buy from you yet.

Build efficient self-service flows to enable faster reordering and checkouts for your customers

Help your customers with faster reordering and checkout processes, by keeping tabs on their accounts and order history. This will help you serve customers at scale, bringing customer service response times down by 25%, higher customer lifetime value and increased customer satisfaction index.

Spur loyalty and purchase frequency by engaging with your customers, even after their purchase

A big part of providing exceptional customer experience is by engaging with your buyers after they’ve made the purchase. With WebEngage, keep your customers engaged before as well as after their purchase, in turn, increasing your cross-selling opportunities and earning repeat customers.

Manage customer health and reach out to inactive users to reduce churn

Stay on top of accounts that are at risk of churning. Relevant and personalized offerings go a long way in preventing users from churning as well as re-activating the already churned users.

Make the most of the features available on the WebEngage marketing automation platform

Multi-channel Engagement

Understand engagement trends across different categories, times of day and channels like push, email, WhatsApp, Facebook, web, SMS and more!

Product Analytics

Analyze user behaviour and get product usage insights in the form of events, segments, funnels, cohorts, uninstalls and real-time stats.

Campaign Analytics

Test and automatically track your campaign’s performance for deliveries, failures, opens, impressions, clicks, revenue and so on in real-time.

Journey Designer

Use a highly intuitive drag & drop interface to map user workflows to lifecycle campaigns.

Campaign Localization

Adapt your message’s content and delivery as per your user’s timezone, language, currency & preferences.

Customer Retention