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The E-commerce CRO Master Pack

E-Commerce CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) - The Ultimate Guide

Today everyone is selling online! From that global retail giant to the homegrown startup to your local grocery store. This has given rise to a great number of E-commerce businesses – each of which has taken up the task of mapping specific user needs to different product categories. Giving rise to a very important business aspect – Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

While there’s been no dearth of platforms to harbor their aspirations, there’s been a constant change in the complexity of user personas and needs – making it difficult for businesses to garner the interest of their customers for long.

Introducing to you – The E-commerce CRO Master Pack – A 5-in-1 collection to help you scale up your E-commerce User Engagement and Retention!

The E-commerce CRO Master Pack is a stellar collection of impactful guides for anyone working in the e-commerce industry and in-charge of growing any or all of,

  • User Engagement 
  • Retention 
  • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)
  • Revenue

Here’s what you can expect from each ebook,

An E-commerce Marketer’s Guide To Mobile App Metrics

An E-Commerce Marketer's Guide To Mobile App Metrics

How many times have you been asked, okay, so who are our loyal users? Or, how do we measure this user behavior? And all you’re left with is a poker face. Well, this ebook is here to save your day and talk to you about the core metrics specific to E-commerce businesses and how to calculate them.

Best Practices for Marketplace Engagement

Best Practices For Marketplace Engagement

Growing Marketplaces – the chicken and egg problem! In this guide, we’ll talk about some fascinating and unheard-of ways you can grow your marketplace business, on both the seller and buyer side; with first-hand insider knowledge on how some of the world’s largest marketplaces of today, grew to reach this stage.

Understanding Inventory-led Engagement 

Guide To Understanding Inventory-led Engagement

Imagine a time when you’re sipping coffee on a Sunday morning, at the comfort of your home, and you get a call from your manager telling you that a new product catalog has just gone live and you need to notify every user about it, who had previously shown an interest. Now, what would you do – frantically open your laptop or continue to sip your coffee? Here’s an ebook to help you with the latter!

Customer Spotlight Booklet

Customer Success Stories On How WebEngage Influences User Engagement & Retention

What’s good? – Someone advising you what to do.
But what’s great? – Someone who has already done it, advising you what to do.
And this is precisely what Customer Spotlight is. Leading E-commerce Brands and Practitioners who can say “been there done that” when it comes to Retention and Engagement, and can share their “How-tos” with you.

Powering the E-commerce Revolution

How WebEngage Powers The E-Commerce CRO Revolution

A handbook, developed by the WebEngage co-founders. Designed to help you understand how marketing automation is an enabler of the breakthrough user experiences for E-commerce businesses. This handbook digs a bit deeper into the various aspects of a marketing automation platform. It helps you explore the potential of the platform to transform your user E-commerce engagement and retention today.

Leading E-commerce brands across the globe have been associated with WebEngage for a long time now. If you’re an E-commerce marketer, product manager, or entrepreneur too – the E-commerce Master Pack could be something that you’ll want to keep coming back to once you’ve downloaded it for yourself!

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