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User-friendly dashboards with excellent targeting/re-targeting capabilities & round the clock customer support.

Shahin Riaz

Lead eCommerce Product Owner, eXtra

Grow your Omnichannel Retail business with us

Drive in-store visits using geo-based targeting

Use location-based messaging to engage your foot traffic as they pass by your stores. Setup geofences around your physical stores and drive store visits by sending promotional campaigns, reminders, alerts, and much more.

Get a 360-degree user view across all channels and touchpoints

Bring together data from all parts of your business to enrich user profiles. This will give you a robust view to design cross channel promotional campaigns to understand what appeals to your users, how they interact with your brand, or why they may not be ready to buy from you yet.

Personalize experience based on both online & offline behavior

Provide world-class clienteling with personalized experiences based on shopping history, demographics, communication preferences, and much more. Create a great experiential retailing experience for your customers and ensure they keep coming back, boosting conversion rates by over 3x.

Create a seamless Omnichannel Experience to build customer confidence in your brand

Customers expect a seamless experience across every channel, whether they are shopping in-store, online, or through a mobile app. Through WebEngage’s integrations and APIs, all your systems can communicate with each other, helping you earn their trust by delivering a transparent and consistent experience throughout, in turn ensuring a faster inventory turnover.

Let customers guide your recommendation strategy

Capture experience signals across all physical and digital touchpoints–from online product discovery to in-store pickup. Combine the omni-channel feedback of your customers and redesign their shopping experience to guide your product recommendations strategy.

Engage customers across multiple touchpoints to enhance catalog discovery

Not just online but your offline stores need apt catalog discovery as well. Increase your average transaction value by up to 23%, by triggering optimized forms that entice your in-store visitors to join your email list for exclusive offers, updates, new arrivals and more.

Make the most of the features available on the WebEngage marketing automation platform

Multi-channel Engagement

Understand engagement trends across different categories, times of day and channels like push, email, WhatsApp, Facebook, web, SMS and more!

Product Analytics

Analyze user behaviour and get product usage insights in the form of events, segments, funnels, cohorts, uninstalls and real-time stats.

Campaign Analytics

Test and automatically track your campaign’s performance for deliveries, failures, opens, impressions, clicks, revenue and so on in real-time.

Journey Designer

Use a highly intuitive drag & drop interface to map user workflows to lifecycle campaigns.

Campaign Localization

Adapt your message’s content and delivery as per your user’s timezone, language, currency & preferences.

Customer Retention

Track the complete customer journey and encourage customers to return to your app via timely and personalized communication

See how we partner with our customers to build the future of user engagement and retention

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