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Cracking the Code: Segmentation and Personalization Strategies in Telecom

22nd September, 2023

The telecommunications industry is a behemoth that supports the foundation of contemporary communic...

13 Mins Read

5 Compelling Use Cases: How Predictive Segmentation Elevates On-Demand Video Platforms

25th August, 2023

Imagine a world where your favorite on-demand video platform knows what you like to watch without y...

13 Mins Read

Boost Your EdTech CTRs with These 7 Audience Segmentation Strategies

14th July, 2023

Ever found yourself scratching your head, wondering why your EdTech campaigns aren’t getting ...


State of User Engagement 2023

Travel and Hospitality: Strategies from the Playbook of Leading Brands

Case Study
5th April, 2024

Learn how leading retail chain Shoppers Stop amassed an increase in CRM revenue, conversion rates, and more with WebEngage.

Increase In Order Contributions On The Shoppers Stop Website
26th March, 2024

Learn how edtech platform Clapingo amassed an increase in revenue through their app, SMS, and WebEngage’s Journey Designer.

Click Through Revenue via SMS

6 Mins Read

Level Up Your Game: Top Referral Marketing Hacks for Gamers

19th April, 2024
By: Apoorv Sood, Vice-president, Global Business Development and Partnerships, WebEngage Gaming i...

3 Mins Read

WebEngage Deepens Data Science and AI Capabilities with an Aquihire, Builds Skin In the-Game Consulting for Retention Marketing

4th April, 2024
WebEngage, a full stack Retention Operating System, today announced a significant bolstering of its ...
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