The Secret Behind Winning 90% Repeat Business

The Secret Behind Winning 90% Repeat Business

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EngageCast is a one-of-its-kind podcast series that brings to light riveting growth stories powered by WebEngage. Our stories cover the true essence of growth marketing, user engagement and retention, customer experience, entrepreneurship and a lot more.

Every episode features a conversation with top growth and marketing practitioners and entrepreneurs in the B2C space.

In Conversation With Gaurav Bhawnani

Gaurav Bhawnani, is a marketing professional with 6+ years of experience industries ranging from revenue, category management, P&L management, and more. He firmly believes in the first principle school of thought. As an avid marketer, Gaurav voices that both, acquisition and retention are individual yet equal players in the game called marketing. Through his career, he has built winning teams across marketing functions ranging from F&B, services, and e-commerce. 

Today, Gaurav heads retention and revenue at Licious, an online (web & app) meat platform established in 2015. It is one of the front runners in India’s $ 30 billion meat market. Apart from driving blockbuster retention efforts at Licious, Gaurav enjoys reading and clicking around. 

In This Episode…

We speak to Gaurav Bhawnani about his journey and talk about:

  1. Diving deep into growth and retention strategies for consumer businesses
  2. Understanding user engagement on web and mobile
  3. Creating habit-forming digital experiences
  4. Maximizing the product value for consumers to ramp up brand loyalty 
  5. Differentiating your product marketing strategy with personalization

It is a brilliant episode for anyone who wants to be a part of the industry and also for anyone who has an online business and wants to triple business growth. 

Stay tuned for the latest updates about EngageCast episodes!

  • Created: 29 Jul 2019
  • Last Updated: 04 Dec 2023



Kinjal Shah Content Marketer, Webengage

Kinjal is a Content Marketer at WebEngage. She loves all things creative and highly intent driven. She previously worked with PayUmoney.

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