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Turbocharge Your Marketing With Viber For WebEngage

WE x Viber hero Image
WE x Viber hero Image
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We’re very excited to announce WebEngage’s integration with Viber to reach its customers through rich multimedia messaging, personalized interactions, and real-time conversations.

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, establishing meaningful connections with customers necessitates a strategic presence on the platforms they gravitate towards. Viber, a prominent messaging app with a global presence, offers a powerful medium to engage, inform, and delight your audience.

WebEngage’s integration heralds a new era of customer engagement, where brands can forge stronger connections and deliver meaningful experiences on a platform that resonates with millions worldwide.

Benefits of integrating Viber:

  • Global Reach: By incorporating Viber into the WebEngage ecosystem, businesses can tap into diverse engagement opportunities. This synergy unlocks pathways to connect with a global audience, particularly in the SEA region, enhancing outreach on an unprecedented scale.
  • Multimedia Messaging: Using Viber’s rich media messages, including images, videos, texts, and files, to convey your messages in more engaging and creative ways, brands can elevate their messaging game within the WebEngage framework.
  • Personalization: With WebEngage’s integration of Viber, you can personalize communication, thereby harnessing user preferences, behaviors, and demographics.
  • Conversion Potential: The interactive nature of Viber messaging, combined with its ability to include buttons, links, and calls to action, creates another layer on the WebEngage personalization stack, thereby creating a direct path for driving conversions, whether directing users to a website, app download, or a special promotional offer.
Benefits of integrating viber


You can create, execute, track, and analyze a host of events on the WebEngage dashboard for Viber.
Some of the events you can track & analyze are:

  1. Message sent/accepted /rejected/ delivered/ failed or queued.
  2. Event fired when a user has been added to the Control Group
  3. Event fired when the user opens and views the message
  4. Live User Activity card
  5. Live Campaign Interaction,

and more.

Use Cases For Viber

Viber’s unique features and capabilities enable businesses to create innovative and engaging experiences.
Use cases for Viber
Let’s have a look at some of the use cases you can solve for with WebEngage’s integration with Viber:

  1. Video Engagement: Showcase new features through product launch videos. Moreover, you can also provide user guidance with how-to videos, deliver educational tutorials and lessons, and share expert insights and industry tips to inform and engage.
  2. Image-driven Promotions: Create urgency with time-bound offers featuring visually appealing images. You can also announce sales and distribute promotional coupons through captivating visuals.
  3. Transactional Messaging: With Viber’s integration, you can inform customers of order updates and shipping notifications. Moreover, you can also share direct links to webinars and events for easy access and infuse messages with emoticons for a personalized touch and enhanced communication.
  4. Personalization and Re-engagement: Solicit user feedback and ratings to enhance customer interaction and re-engage users with tailored messages to reignite their interest.
  5. File Sharing: With file sharing, you can seamlessly deliver PDF and document invoices for easy access and provide users with downloadable educational resources to add value.
  6. Engaging Interactive Content: Offer language learning lessons and quizzes for interactive education.
  7. Immersive Storytelling: Craft engaging narratives using rich media elements to captivate users.
  8. Appointment Reminders and Updates: Send timely appointment reminders and booking notifications to ensure a seamless experience.


Embracing the vast digital landscape, Viber offers businesses a powerful avenue to reshape their marketing strategies and forge more profound connections with their audience. Through this collaboration, WebEngage amplifies the potential of Viber, enabling brands to deliver captivating multimedia experiences, engage in real-time dialogues, and craft bespoke messages that resonate universally.

We’re here to propel your engagement strategies to new horizons using the dynamic capabilities of Viber. Take a demo now.

Please note: This is an access-controlled feature. To enable Viber for your business, reach out to support@webengage.com or your Customer Success Manager.


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Prakhya Nair is a Content Writer and Social Media Manager with 4+ years of experience. An avid reader, dancer, writer and linguist that is constantly on the lookout for new things to explore, she aims to add a dash (or a pailful) of creativity to everything she writes.

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