A 3-Dimensional Report On B2C Consumer Engagement In The GCC Region

A 3-Dimensional Report On B2C Consumer Engagement In The GCC Region

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TLDR: This 3-dimensional report brings insights on the current state of B2C consumer engagement in the GCC region – through surveys conducted among marketers and consumers in the region along with billions of consumer data points collected on the WebEngage dashboard. The report also features interviews with six brilliant practitioners who’re taking the user engagement game to the next level at leading consumer brands in the GCC region.

The global scenario and the GCC market

New-age consumers are evolving from being informed and aware buyers to being designers and creators of their user journeys. Brands, until now that have controlled engagements and experiences based on consumer behaviors, must acknowledge the changing buying landscape and incorporate innovative marketing technologies to deliver on the evolving customer expectations. Digital transformation in the region is at an accelerated pace as mobile and internet penetration here is among the highest in the world. The GCC market and the buyer community is no different.

Winning your consumers’ heart in the GCC market

Consumer enablement and engagement needs are challenged every passing day forcing brand marketers to rethink their strategies.

This report delves deep into the actual engagement metrics to understand and explore the present state of consumer engagement in the GCC market and create a benchmark and framework for future-ready B2C marketers to serve the users with hyper-personalized and contextual experiences that consumers wouldn’t be able to ignore. Enabling brand marketers to take user engagement to an all-new level!

Inside the report: These and other actionable insights for the GCC marketers 

  • Understanding the B2C consumer behavior patterns in the GCC region
  • The communication channels and devices that work the best for impactful user engagement 
  • The  best time to communicate with the GCC consumers

What the top practitioners of the GCC region have to say? 

As you flip through the report, you’ll also find expert views from six amazing user engagement practitioners in the GCC market. 


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