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Power Your Business with Strategies of Leading E-commerce Brands

A shift in buying habits due to the pandemic has impacted the E-Commerce business at large. India’s E-Commerce orders volume has increased by 36% in the last quarter of 2020. Needless to say, E-commerce businesses have been on the rise to meet the growing demand. However, with a rapidly growing customer base, retention becomes a bigger piece of the puzzle that brands must solve.
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For a consumer, more options mean good news. For a business, however, more options mean more competition. To counter this, we’ve seen brands go all out with their acquisition campaigns to reach new customers. But what about the ones that are already your customers?

The importance of retention over acquisition:

  1. The cost of retaining existing users is lower than the cost of acquiring new users
  2. User data such as order history from past purchases makes it easier to personalize user communication, which in turn drives better conversions.

Therefore, it is important for E-commerce businesses to identify and nurture the most valuable customers to drive revenue and business growth. With a constant change in the complexity of user personas and needs – it’s difficult for E-Commerce brands to garner the interest of their customers for long.

So how are Marketers and Product Managers in the e-commerce industry driving acquisition, retention, and conversions that strike a positive impact? What is the tired and tested marketing playbook that helps deliver insights into the e-commerce industry? Our case studies help you understand just this, as we break down the strategies of leading E-Commerce brands.

In this e-book, you will get access to:

  • Zivame’s strategy to 20% boost in conversions through omnichannel communication
  • Personalized communication strategy driving 10x conversions for Goto
  • StarQuik’s strategy to uplift customer acquisition by 2300%

As you flip through the pages of the customer spotlight booklet, you’ll be fascinated to discover how some of our leading E-commerce clients are accelerating their user engagement and retention using WebEngage’s marketing automation platform. And are also driving massive success by delivering one-to-one, highly memorable buyer experiences.

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