Guide to Understanding Content-led Engagement for Media & Entertainment Businesses

Guide to Understanding Content-led Engagement for Media & Entertainment Businesses

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For media businesses, content drives just about every other function. And the amount of content a viewer consumes becomes the primary metric. As a result of this, your recommendations and content discovery are two areas you can’t afford to jeopardize and want them to be as efficient as possible. Because if people are not finding all the new and relevant content that you’re constantly putting out, their consumption levels will go down. But having an efficiently performing recommendation engine is quite difficult. Because this recommendation and discovery are not going to happen on an ad-hoc basis. You need an automation platform for that as well as a tool that understands the content-led landscape of media businesses. This is where WebEngage’s Content-led Engagement comes into the picture. Content-led Engagement is nothing but intelligent workflows that help you automate communication with users based on changes that happen in your content inventory. Changes for example,

  • New releases
  • Trailers
  • Shows exiting the platform
  • Most popular
  • Weekly top 10

With pre-defined logics, media businesses can build workflows to automate the job of recommending new content to their viewers, with every change in the inventory or new listings. These workflows once set up, will let you communicate with your users (until stopped) and improve your bottom-line metrics. Let’s see how this works!

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