Hey There! I Am Using WhatsApp For Marketing

Hey There! I Am Using WhatsApp For Marketing

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Hey There! I am using WhatsApp For Marketing is an all-in-one guidebook for businesses, especially consumer brands who wish to use WhatsApp as a marketing channel.

Why Use WhatsApp as a marketing channel?

The short answer is, to drive user engagement, reach a wider audience, improve customer retention, optimize omnichannel strategy, maximize ROI, build brand loyalty, and inspire customer loyalty.

These are challenging milestones in the first place because brands have a hard time getting users to listen. Attention in the age of distraction is a rarity. Fortunately, there is a way to get up to 98% of your audience to hear you out.

By understanding how the world of WhatsApp marketing works, brands can tap into the power of intuitive customer engagement features like campaigns, newsletters, chatbots, and rich media tied together by the limitless possibility of conversational commerce.

What is in this eBook?

It covers everything in the WhatsApp universe. From the need to explore WhatsApp as a channel, setting up a WhatsApp business account, bagging a green tick verification badge, and creating engaging content for audiences to measuring the success of your campaigns, there’s a lot more you can take away.

To equip you with everything you need to get started with WhatsApp marketing, this ultimate guide presents you with:

  1. High-converting message templates
  2. Step-by-step walkthroughs
  3. Best send-times
  4. Hot use cases
  5. Key statistics
  6. Insider insights
  7. Impact metrics
  8. Best practices

And more.

Who is this guide for?

There are several takeaways for anyone curious about user engagement. However, some of the more nuanced aspects of the guide were designed for those with skin in the game, like decision-makers, marketing managers, and product people.

Why should you download this guide?

There is a lot of content on WhatsApp out there, but it is scattered, and learning everything about WhatsApp marketing from such scattered resources can be laborious. This compendium on WhatsApp was put together to have you save time and effort spent on finding information and instead spend them on business-critical objectives.

Deliver meaningful messages for your business with WhatsApp; take a demo now.

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