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20 WhatsApp Marketing Ideas to Bring a 70% Boost in Engagement

Whatsapp Marketing Ideas | Hero Image
Whatsapp Marketing Ideas | Hero Image
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E-commerce businesses have understood that they must do more than bring visitors to their store/platform because hardly 3% of them convert.

They need a channel where they can communicate with their audience and convert them without switching the platform. And that’s where WhatsApp comes in!

With over 2.24 billion monthly active users, WhatsApp offers excellent potential for brands to reach their target customers, engage with them, and make a sale.

According to a report, 50 million businesses (globally) and 15 million businesses (alone in India) use WhatsApp for marketing, which attests to the fact that e-Commerce businesses have already started making the shift.

If you’re not using it already, now is the time to start your first WhatsApp marketing campaign, as it would be a huge mistake to ignore a channel that offers the highest Open (98%) and Click-Through Rates (45-60%).

In this blog post, we’ll share with you some WhatsApp marketing ideas that’ll help boost engagement and improve sales significantly. We’ve also included some examples and templates to give you a head start and inspiration.

So, if you’re ready to take your Whatsapp marketing to the next level, let’s dive right in!

    Table of contents:

  1. WhatsApp Marketing Ideas for the Consideration Phase
  2. WhatsApp Marketing Ideas for the Purchase Phase
  3. WhatsApp Marketing Ideas for Addressing Post-purchase Concerns
  4. WhatsApp Marketing Ideas for Driving Customers Back to Store
  5. WhatsApp Marketing Ideas for Appreciating Loyal Customers

WhatsApp Marketing Ideas for the Consideration Phase

In this phase, we consider that customers have already discovered your brand and are still exploring their options. Let’s see how you can use WhatsApp to convince these customers that your brand is a better option than your competitors.

1. Offer First Purchase Discounts

As an e-Commerce brand, you must have seen instances (a lot of them) where people sign up and opt-in to receive messages but still don’t make the purchase.

But just because they haven’t yet purchased anything doesn’t mean they never will. You have their WhatsApp opt-in — the permission to send them texts on WhatsApp — all you need is to give them enough motivation to buy from you.

And getting a discount on the first purchase can be a good enough motivation for them. The discount will make the deal more exciting and nudge them to buy something from you.

Here’s how Urbanic, a fashion and accessories brand, does it:
WhatsApp Marketing Ideas | Urbanic

Here’s a template you can use to give your customers the first purchase discount:

Dear John,

We are delighted to welcome you to our eCommerce store! As a token of appreciation for choosing us, we would like to offer you a special discount on your first purchase.

Enter the code [DISCOUNT CODE] at checkout to receive [DISCOUNT AMOUNT].

Don’t miss out on this limited-time offer, and start shopping now!

2. Showcase Your Bestsellers to Influence Customers

Showcasing your bestsellers is a great way to influence customers in the consideration phase who are still exploring their options.

When you showcase your bestsellers, you give them a glimpse into the most popular products among your audience, which helps build trust and credibility for your brand.

Customers are more likely to purchase when they see that other people are already enjoying the product, so promoting your bestsellers is a great way to encourage them to make a purchase.

Moreover, when you showcase your bestsellers, you always stay on top of your customer’s minds, even if they are not ready to purchase yet.

By sending them regular updates about your bestsellers, you are keeping your brand at the forefront of their minds, which can help increase the likelihood that they will return to your store when they are ready to make a purchase.

Take Flipkart, for example. During the campaign (named Big Billion Days), they aimed to reach potential customers in a way that captured maximum attention. And they trusted WhatsApp for this.

Flipkart launched an automated chatbot featuring Amitabh Bachchan, a legendary Bollywood star. This chatbot informed customers about the Big Billion Days sale and the massive discounts that were on offer.

The game-changer for this campaign was when this chatbot regularly broadcasted the bestsellers with maximum discounts. This built excitement in customers leading to more sales for Flipkart.

WhatsApp Marketing Ideas | Big B Bot

3. Share Media Mentions and Celebrity Features

In today’s world, the influence of celebrities and media is undeniable. More than brands, people tend to trust recommendations from their favorite celebrities.

Because when celebrities share something, the customers think that the product will look the same on them or work the same for them. This makes the product more aspirational, creating the desire to get it.

Therefore, if your brand has been mentioned in the media or got featured by any celebrity, it’s time to leverage this opportunity to create brand awareness and trust among your potential customers.

You can share these media mentions and celebrity features on your WhatsApp opt-in list to showcase your brand’s credibility and popularity. It will establish you as a more reliable brand than your competitors, ending the exploring game for customers.

Here’s a template you can use for sharing mentions:


We are thrilled to share that our brand has been featured in [MEDIA OUTLET NAME]! Our [PRODUCT NAME] has been highly recommended by [CELEBRITY NAME(S)].

We take pride in delivering quality products, and it’s great to see our hard work being recognized.

Check out the feature: [LINK ].

Thank you for considering us, and we look forward to serving you soon!

4. Send Personalized Recommendations

Personalized recommendations are a great way to show your customers that you understand their preferences and offer products tailored to their needs.

These recommendations can be based on their previous transactions, search history, and even their behaviors on your website.

By sending personalized recommendations via WhatsApp, you can remind your customers that your brand is still thinking about them and is always looking for ways to enhance their shopping experience.

When your customers feel that you understand their needs and offer relevant products, they are more likely to trust your brand and purchase. Statistics suggest that personalized product recommendations can increase the chances of conversion by at least 4.5 times.

Here’s a WhatsApp template for sending personalized product recommendations:


We noticed that you’d shown interest in [PRODUCT NAME/CATEGORY]. We thought you might also like these similar products:


Take a look and let us know if you need assistance with anything. We’re always here to help!

Best regards,

5. Using Visuals to Inspire Your Customers to Buy

When it comes to shopping, visuals play a huge role in the buying decision of customers. They give customers a better idea of the product, its features, and how it can be used.

On WhatsApp, you can use images, PDFs, and videos to showcase your products and inspire your customers to buy. You can share lookbooks, mood boards, product demos, how-to videos, and more to give customers an idea of the different ways they can use your products.

And according to statistics, brands that send visual content to their customers experience a seven times higher conversion rate than those that don’t.

For example, if you sell clothing, you can create a lookbook featuring your latest collection, how each piece can be paired with other items in the collection, and how they can be styled in different ways.

6. Keep Customers Informed With Whatsapp Newsletters

In the consideration phase, keeping your customers informed and up-to-date with what’s happening in your store is essential. One effective way to do this is through WhatsApp newsletters.

You can highlight new products, blog posts, and other exciting updates in your store through WhatsApp newsletters. These newsletters help build excitement and anticipation among your customers, inspiring them to take action and purchase from your store.

To create a successful WhatsApp newsletter, ensure that it’s visually appealing. Moreover, it should be formatted to align with WhatsApp, like the use of emojis and short sentences.

With a clear and concise message, you can effectively keep your customers informed and engaged and help to drive sales during the consideration phase.

WhatsApp Marketing Ideas | Wakefit

WhatsApp Marketing Ideas for the Purchase Phase

Congratulations, your customers have made up their minds! They now know that you’re better than your competitors.

But wait a minute! This is where the real magic happens. This is where you seal the deal and ensure your customer never forgets their fantastic experience with your brand.

Let’s see how you can use WhatsApp to make the purchase phase memorable.

7. Broadcast Your Sales and Discounts

Customers love a good deal and are always looking for discounts and sales. So, even if they are interested in your brand and products, they wait for that day when you offer discounts and good deals.

As an e-Commerce business, you can use WhatsApp to inform your customers about your sales and discounts.

Broadcasting these updates on WhatsApp will help customers stay up-to-date on when is the same and what’s on sale, giving them a nudge to buy from you.

Regularly sharing these updates will keep customers engaged and increase their chances of purchasing.

Brands like Lenskart always broadcast their sales on WhatsApp to keep customers updated about the deals they are waiting for. On Valentine’s day, they offered 14% off and 14% cashback on selected styles.

Notice how the discount on offer and the discount code is in sync with Valentine’s day, that’s on the 14th of February.

WhatsApp Marketing | Lenskart

8. Take Pre-Orders to Build Anticipation

Imagine a customer is eager to purchase a product, but when they go to the website, they find out it’s out of stock. This can be frustrating for them. And they might even leave due to this frustration and never come back.

As a brand, you can take advantage of this opportunity and allow customers to place pre-orders on WhatsApp. Pre-ordering means customers can order the product even if it’s not in stock or has not been launched yet.

Not only does this enhance the purchase phase and customer experience, but it also helps in retention. Customers are more likely to stay engaged and remember your brand by placing a pre-order when they have invested in it.

Moreover, by using the advanced feature of WhatsApp Business API, you can even take payments in advance, making the whole process seamless for customers.

Here’s a template for taking pre-orders:

Dear [Customer Name],

We know you have been eagerly waiting for the [product name]. Unfortunately, it is currently out of stock. But we have some great news for you!

You can now pre-order the [product name] exclusively on WhatsApp. By pre-ordering, you’ll be the first in line to receive it as soon as it arrives.

Follow this link to place a pre-order: [Link]

Best regards,
[Business Name]

9. Generate Excitement With Contests and Giveaways

Organizing contests and giveaways on WhatsApp is a great way to increase customer engagement and create a positive image of your brand in customers’ minds.

Not only do they provide an opportunity for customers to win something, but they also add excitement and anticipation to the purchasing process.

For example, you could run a spin-the-wheel contest where customers can get a discount on their next purchase or a freebie campaign based on past purchases. These campaigns create a sense of reward and recognition for customers, which can lead to increased loyalty and repeat business.

In addition, running contests and giveaways on WhatsApp helps keep customers engaged with your brand and gives them a reason to revisit your store. This increased engagement can lead to improved customer experience, which can be a critical factor in building a loyal customer base.

Here is a template for announcing a giveaway campaign:

“Hey, John! Exciting news! We’re hosting a [giveaway/contest name] on our store. Participate now to win [prize]. Simply [instructions for participating]. Don’t miss out on this chance to get [prize]. Hurry and participate now!”

10. Run Surveys and Quizzes

E-Commerce brands can also use surveys and quizzes to learn more about their customers and what they want. The information gathered from these quizzes can then be used to make future purchases even more satisfying.

Running surveys and quizzes also keeps customers engaged and helps build a good image in their minds. The insights gained from these surveys can also be used to instantly provide personalized recommendations to solve the problem customers mentioned in the quiz.

When customers instantly receive the solution to their problem, they are very likely to purchase it. So, it acts as an excellent nudging activity.

11. Offer Shopping Assistance

In the purchase phase, customers may have questions or need assistance before making a final decision. This is where offering shopping assistance on WhatsApp can come in handy.

By having a mix of automation, chatbots, and live agents, you can provide two-way conversations with your customer, helping them make informed purchasing decisions.

Human-to-human marketing has been proven to lead to higher conversions, and the personal touch provided by live agents can help build trust and loyalty in your brand. This assistance can range from answering product questions to offering recommendations based on their preferences.

Offering shopping assistance on WhatsApp not only enhances the customer’s experience but also nudges them towards making a purchase, leading to increased sales and customer satisfaction.

WhatsApp Marketing Ideas for Addressing Post-purchase Concerns

By now, your customers have made their purchases! They now know that your brand truly delivers on its promises.

But your work is not over yet. This is where you show your customers that their experience with your brand goes beyond just making a purchase.

Let’s see how you can use WhatsApp to address post-purchase concerns and turn your one-time customers into lifelong brand advocates.

12. Send Payment and Order Confirmation Message

The purchase is complete, but that doesn’t mean the customer’s experience is over.

E-commerce brands must keep their customers informed with payment and order confirmation messages, assuring them that their purchase has succeeded. You can include payment method, order number, and expected delivery date to provide a comprehensive overview.

Not only does this help tackle post-purchase concerns, but it also gives your customers peace of mind and shows that you value their trust in your brand.

13. Keep Them in the Loop With Order Tracking Messages

You must give customers regular updates on their order status, so they know when their purchase will arrive. As an eCommerce brand, you should send order tracking messages on WhatsApp to keep them informed about their delivery, giving them a sense of control and reducing post-purchase worries.

In addition to tackling post-purchase concerns, these messages also help improve the overall customer experience by making the process more transparent and reducing anxiety.

Nykaa, a skincare brand, is a perfect example of how brands should send these messages. From confirmation to shipping to delivery, they inform their customers at each step and no wonder why their customers are so happy with the services.

WhatsApp Marketing Ideas | Nykaa

14. Send Social Proof to Ensure They Feel Good

Social proof is a powerful tool for driving sales, and WhatsApp is the perfect platform to promote it. According to a report, sending social proof can increase the conversion rate by more than 300 percent.

So if a product or collection has received many positive reviews, testimonials, or other social proofs, use WhatsApp to share this information with your customers.

This will help tackle post-purchase anxieties and give your customers confidence in their purchase, knowing that others have had a positive experience with your brand.

Moreover, you can get additional sales from those customers waiting for their orders because when other customers post positive reviews about something, customers become more eager to try it.

WhatsApp Marketing Ideas for Driving Customers Back to Store

Okay, so the sale is made, and the order is delivered. But don’t let it be a one-time affair.

Keeping your customers engaged and interested in your brand is crucial to building long-term relationships and driving repeat business.

Let’s see how you can use WhatsApp to drive customers back to your store and make their next purchase an even more delightful experience.

15. Send Messages to Recover Abandoned Cart

Abandoned carts are a common problem faced by eCommerce businesses, but using WhatsApp can help to recover them.

You can send follow-up messages to remind customers about the items they left in their carts.

The first follow-up can be a simple reminder, the second one can be with a discount, and the next one can be to offer suggestions or help. This multi-step approach can increase the chances of customers returning to complete their purchases.

Take MyGlamm, for example. They use humor in their cart recovery messages and a lot of relevant emojis to connect with customers. And believe it or not, it does help in recovering a truckload of abandoned carts.
WhatsApp Marketing Ideas | MyGlamm

16. Send Back in Stock Alerts

When your customers are interested in a product, the last thing they want is to find out that it’s out of stock.

With WhatsApp, you can keep them in the loop and notify them as soon as the product is back in stock.

This helps drive customers back to your store and makes their shopping experience more convenient.

By being able to purchase the products they want quickly, they are more likely to have a positive experience with your brand, leading to repeat purchases and increased customer loyalty.

17. Run Flash Sales

Flash sales can help eCommerce brands drive customers back to their stores and increase sales. Some studies have proven that offering time-sensitive deals and discounts makes customers more likely to impulse purchase.

WhatsApp is a perfect platform to deliver these deals, as it is fast and easy to use. Sharing exclusive flash sales with your customers on WhatsApp will help to create a sense of urgency and encourage them to act quickly.

This helps drive sales and improves your customers’ shopping experience, making them more likely to return to your store in the future.

This is how AJIO, a fashion and apparel brand, does it:
WhatsApp Marketing Ideas | Ajio

WhatsApp Marketing Ideas for Appreciating Loyal Customers

Your customers are your biggest brand ambassadors. They spread the word about your products and services, and their loyalty can be the difference between success and failure.

So, it’s essential to show your appreciation for their loyalty. Here’s how to use WhatsApp for this.

18. Promote Your Referral Program

Word of mouth is one of the most potent forms of marketing for eCommerce brands. And what better way to leverage it than by promoting your referral program via WhatsApp to your loyal customers?

By sending personalized messages to your loyal customers and encouraging them to refer your brand to their friends and family, you can tap into a powerful marketing channel that has the potential to drive new customers and revenue to your store.

19. Send Messages That Make Loyal Customers Feel Exclusive

Show your appreciation for your loyal customers by offering them exclusive deals and early access to sales through WhatsApp. This makes them feel valued and incentivizes them to continue supporting your brand.

By targeting specific segments of your customer base, you can ensure that only your most dedicated customers receive these special perks, making them feel even more special and valued.

20. Promote Loyalty Programs to Reward Your Valuable Customers

Loyalty programs are a great way to reward valuable customers and keep them returning. And, with WhatsApp, you can easily segment your lists and send campaigns to those who have bought from you more than twice.

Promoting your loyalty program via WhatsApp can encourage repeat purchases, boost customer retention, and grow your business over time.

Here’s how Myntra does it:
WhatsApp Marketing Ideas | Myntra

Ready to Maximize Engagement and Boost Sales with WhatsApp Marketing?

With its widespread adoption, WhatsApp allows businesses to tap into a vast audience and reach customers where they are most active.

However, it’s essential to approach WhatsApp marketing carefully, experimenting with different campaigns to find what works best and avoiding intrusive or spammy messages.

However, if you want to scale your WhatsApp marketing efforts, leveraging the advanced features of the WhatsApp Business API through a solution provider like WebEngage is key.

So if you want to elevate your customer engagement and experience and drive business growth through WhatsApp marketing, consider partnering with WebEngage.

Book a free demo today.




Vanhishikha Bhargava is an E-commerce expert and B2B marketer. Working with E-commerce-focused products that aim at making customer acquisition, engagement and retention more data-backed, she’s always on the lookout for growth tactics that help online stores increase their sales and revenue. You can follow her blog here.

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