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EdTech Guide: Master The Art Of Learner Engagement

With the pandemic giving a worldwide boom to EdTech businesses and online education, customer acquisition is easier than ever before. People across the globe are looking for ways to expand their skill sets and gain expertise in their domains. The real challenge for EdTech businesses going forward is learner engagement and retention. 

The convergence of traditional educational models and technology has given rise to eccentric avenues of learning. Technological availability has now spread the learners across various age groups with a wide variety of platforms to choose from. 

From individuals and the workforce upgrading their skills to individuals preparing for various tests. From children grasping various concepts through video-based learning to individuals taking classes to get their degree certifications. Everything is now happening online. 

It is, therefore, important to keep every user actively engaged to ensure higher lifetime value.

The average customer acquisition cost (CAC) for EdTech businesses stands at around 70-80% of their revenue *. This means that the more learners you retain, the more profitable your business becomes.

The increase in demand for online learning resources has resulted in growing competition. It’s time to focus on the ever-beneficial aspects of your learner lifecycle – engagement and retention. 

This ‘Learner Engagement’ guide will help you learn (with examples) how marketing automation can help you:

  1. Engage learners across the various stages of the learner lifecycle.
  2. Improve student attendance and maximize video consumption.
  3. Make learners invest in multiple courses.
  4. Revive dormant students and track student progress to get a higher active engagement rate.
  5. Maximize content discovery and nudge your learners to take the desired action.

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