Omni Channel Customer Engagement: A Winner's Playbook

Omni Channel Customer Engagement: A Winner's Playbook

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Omni Channel Customer Engagement: A Winner’s Playbook” is the ultimate global trends and insights report on how brands survived and revived their businesses with contextual, personalized, and cross-channel user engagement strategies that are here to stay.

We’ve analyzed 400+ Bn messages and 835+ Bn user events across 10 industries and 5 regions in an attempt to help you create fail-proof omnichannel customer engagement strategies backed by the right level of data and insights.

2020 has been pivotal in shaping the future of user engagement, customer experience, and digital marketing in general. We can safely say that all traditional approaches to digital marketing can be thrown out of the window. 2020 majorly brought about 3 key changes:

  1. Forced digitization for businesses in an attempt to stay afloat turned the adoption bell curve into a spike
  2. Lack of playbooks that could act as guiding lights for new-age marketers
  3. An abundance of overwhelming technologies for customers to adapt to.

As a result of which cash efficient businesses could burn holes in their pockets and stay afloat, while some other traditional businesses shut shop due to the lack of a far-sight.

What to expect?

In an attempt to assist consumer businesses, we’ve compiled user engagement data from Q1-2020 to Q1-2022 in this report that’ll help you uncover:

  1. The impact of a global crisis on channel adoption through 2020-22 and beyond.
  2. The rising impact of contextual personalized campaigns as compared to blast promotional campaigns.
  3. The channel bifurcation strategy adopted by various industries.
  4. Trends in channel adoption strategies in each of these industries.
  5. The most preferred channel for user engagement across geographies.
  6. The best time for user engagement, based on individual channel performance.

This report is divided across geographies like India & APAC, South East Asia, Europe, North America, and the Middle East & North African regions. The report is further bifurcated into industries such as B2B, BFSI & Fintech, E-Commerce & D2C, Ed-Tech, Gaming, Healthcare, Media & Entertainment, and Travel & Hospitality to find trends and insights that are most relevant for your business.

This straightforward easy-to-consume playbook is designed to enable digital marketers, and business leaders across the globe in creating cross-channel customer engagement strategies based on global trends and insights, benchmark their campaign performance against their industry peers, and uplift their customer retention game in 2022 and beyond.

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