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Customer Retention

A Beginner’s Guide to Retention Marketing for Online Consumer Businesses

A Beginner’s Guide to Retention Marketing For Online Consumer Businesses
Retention Marketing - Beginner’s Guide For Online Consumer Businesses

All businesses operate with the same mission: Achieve higher revenues and faster growth. But many companies struggle to align their people, processes, and technology to achieve these goals. Retention marketing is the answer to these problems. This eBook aims to tell you how.

The Problem with Acquisition-Heavy Marketing

Many companies operate on the traditional approach to marketing: focus on creating awareness about a product and thereafter acquire as many users as possible. This brings enough footfalls and enough visitors but does this lead to higher revenues? Maybe in the short-term. But the long-term? Probably not. Visitors acquired through marketing blitzkriegs probably don’t transact with you the second time. And they are likely to move to a competitor that is indulging in their own marketing blitzkriegs.

The Inadvertent Shift to Customer Retention

Over the years, companies have been able to acquire users but not retain them. This has necessitated a move towards retention-focused marketing that would keep the existing users engaged and drive more transactions through these users.

Businesses have had to get on board marketers that specialize in customer retention that would help them achieve two primary objectives:

  • Drive an increase in the frequency of purchase
  • Drive the repeat purchase rates

This is why we decided to create this eBook. This eBook will help you understand the hype around retention marketing and why the role of a retention marketer is crucial to the success of a company.

Here’s What You’ll Get in This Comprehensive Guide

  • What are the traditional ways of doing consumer marketing?
  • Why traditional ways do not work anymore?
  • What does the new marketing funnel look like?
  • How is retention marketing different from acquisition marketing?
  • What are the nuances of B2C and B2B marketing?
  • What are some of the roadblocks to retaining users and how do you overcome these roadblocks

This comprehensive eBook is your go-to guide for all your retention marketing queries. Download the eBook now and start learning why retention is at the core of marketing today and how you can use retention marketing to increase user engagement and drive more purchases.

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