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The Media and Entertainment Master Pack

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Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Disney+ Hotstar, ALTBalaji, Spotify, Gaana, Bloomberg, Financial Times: it’s common knowledge that all these services, collectively, belong to the Media & Entertainment vertical. But what’s not so commonly known is the absolute need for them to

  • Ensure a regular inflow of new “consume-worthy” content
  • Relentlessly try to keep their users hooked to their platform

And what lies behind both of these objectives is the deep know-how of Consumer Behaviour – their preferences, likes, and even dislikes. Based on this, these platforms continue to refine their consumer understanding and churn out great content. Hoping to have a positive impact on their Retention and Lifetime Value (LTV).

The only problem is, user behavior has ceased to remain constant and has continued to evolve at a breakneck pace.

And that’s exactly what we, at WebEngage, aspire to do. We help businesses like yours gain a better understanding of your user behavior to improve your retention and LTV!

In lieu of this, we bring to you,

The Media & Entertainment Solutions Master Pack – A 4-in-1 collection of insights to help you scale your Media & Entertainment business via better retention and increased conversions!

1. The RFE Analysis Whitepaper for Media and Entertainment Businesses

[Whitepaper] RFE Analysis for Media & Entertainment (OTT) Business

User targeting models are helpful for every business to ensure different groups (or segments) of users are served the right offerings, based on their behavior and preferences. A great method to carry out this segmentation is the Recency, Frequency & Engagement (RFE) technique and in this whitepaper, we’ve talked about how to employ RFE modeling.

2. Understanding Content-led Engagement

Guide to Media & Entertainment (OTT) Content-led Engagement

Weekly content releases for media platforms can range from 10s (for OTTs) to potentially 100s (for news websites). In such a scenario, it’s really not possible to convey every new release to your users on an ad-hoc basis. What you need is a Marketing Automation tool that can automate not just your releases but all the other communications too! Eliminating the manual work and scope of errors. And our Content-led Engagement system is built to do just that!

3. Customer Spotlight Booklet

Media & Entertainment (OTT) Brand Stories

What’s good? – Someone advising you what to do. But what’s great? – Someone who has already done it, advising you what to do. And this is precisely what Customer Spotlight is. Leading Media & Entertainment Brands and Practitioners who can say “been there done that” when it comes to Retention and Engagement, and can share their “How-tos” with you.

4. Powering the Media & Entertainment Revolution

Media & Entertainment (OTT) Handbook For Marketing Automation

A handbook, developed by the WebEngage co-founders, to help you understand how marketing automation is an enabler of the breakthrough user experiences for Media & Entertainment businesses. This handbook digs a bit deeper into the various aspects of a marketing automation platform. It helps you explore the potential of the platform to transform your user engagement and retention today.

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