Episode 2: Rewriting the Marketing Playbook for 2020 & Beyond | Manav Sethi

Episode 2: Rewriting the Marketing Playbook for 2020 & Beyond | Manav Sethi

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Manav Sethi is the Group Chief Marketing Officer of Eros International – a leading global film entertainment company. He is a renowned professional in the marketing domain for 20+ years. Previously, he was the founding CMO of ALTBalaji where managed to break the notion that ‘Indians don’t pay for content’ and onboarded 4M+ paying customers within 15 months of product launch.

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EngageCast By WebEngage · Special Edition | Episode 02- Manav Sethi, Group CMO Of Eros International

In this episode:

Here are a few excerpts from our conversation with Manav.

Priyam: How does it look on the other side of the pandemic?

Manav: As a country, it’s been quite some time since we’ve taken a structural shift from the TV (linear model) to the OTT model. As people are at home since the lockdown, they have interestingly started exploring other genres or the shows which they didn’t finish earlier.

On the business front:

→  The lockdown has seen an incremental consumption for the OTT space.
→  As a marketer, it is important to look after the whole customer lifetime value.
→  We have successfully managed good results in the retention aspect.

Priyam: With the upsurge in traffic on your platform, are you witnessing a different user-base coming?

Manav: We have around 12000+ Bollywood movies on the platform, accompanied by the originals, cookies, and others.

→ We’ve been lucky to have a diversified audience either from the geography standpoint or even from the language standpoint.

→ We have seen an uptick in every consumer cohorts. The largest uptick is however from the non-metro cities.

Marketing expenditure trends:

→ The print spends has taken a huge hit as it’s circulation is completely cut down.
→ TV has taken a huge hit as there is no more new content coming.

Priyam: Have your marketing strategies evolved as well?

Manav: The focus is more on customer lifecycle management. We are trying to drive more revenue through the mode of retention.

→ It’s not wise to stop marketing activities. It is equally important to be defensive and play the right curve.

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Manav Sethi Group CMO, Eros International

Manav Sethi brings a unique mix of insights to the table with over 20 years of experience in scaling teams across product, engineering, technology, and marketing. As the Group Chief Marketing Officer at Eros International, he manages marketing, communication, PR, and creative programs across the group. Manav has also been the founding CMO of ALTBalaji, where he made a significant difference by adding 20M+ users across mobile and web within 15 months of launch, along with 4M+ paying users from 90+ countries.



Priyam Jha Lead - Brand Marketing, WebEngage

Priyam looks after Brand Marketing at WebEngage, learning the ropes of building iconic brands in the B2B space. He is striving to develop EngageCast into the leading podcast for user retention & engagement with cutting-edge, top-quality content. When he isn't busy looking after brand marketing & PR initiatives, he likes to dabble in a bit of photography, listen to rock music, and indulge in PC gaming.