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Easy cataloging to
boost product discovery
& conversions

WebEngage Journey Designer is extremely easy to use & lets us control our communications end-to-end.

Syed Sayem Mustafa

Ex - Head of Digital,

Grow your Grocery Buying & Delivery business with us

Send new arrival alerts to customers and rotate your inventory faster

As new stock comes in, send tailor-made notifications to interested users. Get more people to talk about your products, share your fresh collections & ultimately buy more from you.

Ease out expiry management with on-time clearance sales

Send clearance alerts to users to manage the supply of perishable goods and make space for your new arrivals. Clear stock by over 50% by reaching out to the users on their preferred channels.

Re-engage dormant customers with restocking alerts

Automatically notify your customers when a product comes back in stock or a new product matches a customer wishlist. Without any manual interruption, the system will automatically match new products to all the stored wishlists, check for the user’s preferred communication channel in case of a match, and intimate the user with the restocking alert.

Stay ahead of back orders and notify sellers of low-stock

Take the guesswork out of figuring your dwindling stocks by automating the identification process. Send automated low inventory alerts to your sellers and shield yourself from under-serving your customers.

Share real-time stock reports for inventory optimization

Run reports on items clicked, browsed and purchased on a daily/weekly basis. Send new updates to suppliers about in-demand products to ensure surplus inventory for your customers.

Make the most of the features available on the WebEngage marketing automation platform

Multi-channel Engagement

Understand engagement trends across different categories, times of day and channels like push, email, WhatsApp, Facebook, web, SMS and more!

Product Analytics

Analyze user behaviour and get product usage insights in the form of events, segments, funnels, cohorts, uninstalls and real-time stats.

Campaign Analytics

Test and automatically track your campaign’s performance for deliveries, failures, opens, impressions, clicks, revenue and so on in real-time.

Journey Designer

Use a highly intuitive drag & drop interface to map user workflows to lifecycle campaigns.

Campaign Localization

Adapt your message’s content and delivery as per your user’s timezone, language, currency & preferences.

Customer Retention

Track the complete customer journey and encourage customers to return to your app via timely and personalized communication

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