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Boost Your Marketing Mojo: April ’24 Updates from WebEngage!

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Feeling lost in the whirlwind of campaign data? Struggling to make sense of scattered insights, like trying to solve a puzzle with missing pieces?

From understanding revenue impact to decoding customer behavior, the challenges of modern marketing can feel like an uphill battle.

But fear not! With our latest updates, we’re here to guide you through the chaos and illuminate your path to marketing success:

1. Universal Control Group: Revenue and Order Uplift

Revolutionize your campaign analysis with our latest feature! Alongside Conversion Uplift, effortlessly track Revenue and Order Upliftment across channels, campaigns, and journeys.
Compare control group behavior with the campaign’s target audience and measure the tangible value generated. This reliable mechanism enhances your reporting capabilities, ensuring you stay ahead of the game.
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2. Engagement Score

Dive into dynamic user engagement assessment with our new Engagement Score feature. Unlike traditional methods, it dives deeper into customer interactions, offering a clearer view of each customer’s engagement level with your brand.
Now, sort customers by their engagement levels to tailor campaigns more effectively. Ensure each customer receives messages that resonate with their level of engagement, and watch your campaigns soar!
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3. Paths: Advanced Updates

Paths allow you to gain deeper insights into the journey your users take on your website or app. With our latest enhancements, unlock the full potential of Paths:

  • Split events by attributes, such as Geography, allowing for a more granular analysis of user behavior.


  • Adjust the number of rows to zoom in on significant paths, providing a focused view of user interactions.

  • Apply advanced filters using segments and lists to hone in on specific user lists or groups, enabling targeted insights into their journey paths.

With these advanced features, gain valuable insights into user behavior patterns and optimize your strategies accordingly for maximum impact.
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🎯Stay Ahead in the Marketing Game with Expert Advice

As we wrap up, remember that navigating the complexities of modern marketing doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With our latest updates, we’re here to simplify your journey and empower you with valuable insights to drive success.

Some of our features are access-controlled, so don’t hesitate to contact us at product@webengage.com to get started!

Happy marketing!


Assistant Product Marketing Manager, 


Harshita is a product marketing professional with 3+ years experience in related roles. Leveraging her communication, storytelling, and product positioning skills, she creates engaging content to captivate audiences. As an army kid, she loves exploring new places, cafe-hopping, and binge-watching TV shows.

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