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Mastering Effective Moment Marketing Strategies To Win In Fintech

hero image for moment marketing for fintech
hero image for moment marketing for fintech
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All of us who grew up in India associate butter with Amul. And the moment you think of Amul, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Yes, it’s the iconic Amul Butter girl, who graces banners and advertisements everywhere with her witty takes on current events. The Amul brand has achieved legendary status, thanks to its ingenious moment marketing campaigns.

But you might be wondering if it’s possible to create such a strong brand recall for your fintech brand. Well, the answer is a resounding yes. Moment marketing is especially effective for fintech companies as it captures the attention of tech-savvy consumers and drives engagement. Let’s take you through the fascinating world of moment marketing and show you how some fintech brands are killing it out there.

In this article, we will explore eight moment marketing strategies that could help you become the next Amul. And don’t worry, we’ll provide real-life examples to illustrate how each of these strategies can be applied in the fintech context.

So, what are we waiting for? Let’s dive right in.

Strategy #1: Stay on top of industry trends and educate customers on crucial financial news

Stay on top of industry trends and educate customers on crucial financial news
Let’s look at Goodcover, a digital co-op renters insurance provider in the US. Goodcover understands the importance of aligning its messages with relevant moments in the insurance and housing sectors. The company provides monthly news updates and shares helpful resources to keep its audience informed about the latest developments in insurance and housing. The updates summarize important studies and reports, highlighting key findings relevant to their audience.

For example, in its June 2023 recap, Goodcover acknowledges the impact of policy changes, such as the resurgence of rent control in various cities. It recognizes different viewpoints from real estate boards and developers, emphasizing the importance of staying informed about policy changes in the audience’s local area.

Additionally, Goodcover offers resources and educational content for renters. For instance, it shares articles about renters’ rights from trusted sources like NPR. By providing educational content, Goodcover empowers its audience with knowledge to navigate the complexities of the housing market.

The company recognizes the influence of climate change on insurance and housing. It mentions how extreme weather events affect insurance coverage and encourages renters to consider the location they choose. Goodcover also highlights the importance of supporting companies and politicians committed to sustainability goals, especially as many insurance companies tend to withdraw from sustainability initiatives.

Goodcover is a great example of how a fintech brand can actively stay informed, build trustworthiness by sharing reliable news, and provide valuable insights to its audience that help them make educated choices.

While trying out this strategy, you might want to make sure that your message is reaching the right audience at the right time. For example, if this is a monthly newsletter with time sensitive news then it’s helpful for the customers if it reaches them on time. Email newsletters are a great way to reach your target audience at the right time. It’s also one of the most profitable marketing channels. Research shows that email marketing drives an ROI of $36 for every dollar spent.

We at WebEngage can help boost the success of your email marketing. With our intuitive drag-and-drop designer and customized user insights, you could craft the most compelling emails that boost your reach and ensure significantly higher open rates. And the more customers you reach, the higher your chances of engagement, retention, and conversions.

Strategy #2: Leverage current events to show your adaptability
Leverage current events to show your adaptability
Current, a New York City-based mobile banking service provider, knows that to truly stand out from traditional banks, it must leverage the power of moment marketing. Its approach involves tailoring marketing messages to real-time events or trends. Current has mastered the art of moment marketing to highlight its unique value proposition and outshine traditional banks.

For example, during the pandemic, it seized on the growing trend of bank branch closures and moving towards digital banking to position itself as a modern fintech solution. The company highlighted a significant increase in its member base in 2020, indicating that customers are embracing the convenience and accessibility of digital banking. By aligning itself with a significant moment in world history, Current demonstrated its ability to adapt to changing consumer preferences, setting itself apart from traditional banks.

Strategy #3: Highlight your presence in real customers’ financial and life success stories

Highlight your presence in real customers' financial and life success stories for moment marketing

Current does moment marketing so well that we couldn’t stop at one example. Another instance of Current’s moment marketing initiative can be found in its blog’s “Goal Getters” section, which highlights real members’ professional journeys and how Current has helped them.

In the piece featuring artist and trans woman Kimora’s story, Current embraces diversity and breaks down barriers. The company’s featuring Kimora brings authenticity and relatability to its moment marketing campaign. Current connects with its audience on a personal level by highlighting a real person’s journey and growth with their brand.

Kimora’s goal of putting out her first album aligns perfectly with the present music industry landscape. Current recognizes this moment and highlights Kimora’s pursuit of her music career, capturing the attention of those interested in supporting emerging artists.

The fintech firm emphasizes Kimora’s identity as a proud trans woman. It highlights her mission to break negative narratives and inspire others. This moment marketing strategy helps the brand align with the ongoing cultural conversation surrounding inclusivity, diversity, and representation.

Current showcases how it supports Kimora’s aspirations by providing saving pods tailored to her goals, such as college, engineering, and music production. This demonstrates the brand’s commitment to helping its members achieve their dreams.

By sharing Kimora’s advice to keep working on side hustles to fulfill dreams, Current taps into its target audience’s entrepreneurial spirit and ambition.

Strategy #4: Leverage on important financial dates to inform, educate, and connect

Leverage on important financial dates to inform, educate, and connect for moment marketing

AngelOne, a prominent stockbroking firm in India, cleverly leverages seasonal events as part of its moment marketing strategy. Recently, it introduced a fictional character named Teja Bhai, an educational figure informing people about current financial trends. In an Instagram post, Teja Bhai explains the importance of tax filing as the Indian deadline approaches on July 31st.

By creating Teja Bhai, AngelOne aims to capture the attention of its audience during significant events, such as tax filing season, when individuals are actively seeking guidance and information. Teja Bhai’s role as an educational spokesperson allows AngelOne to engage with its users in a relatable and informative manner.

The use of this character also adds a touch of entertainment, humor, and storytelling to the financial education process. This helps make complex financial concepts more accessible and engaging for a wider audience.

Through this moment marketing strategy, AngelOne demonstrates its commitment to providing relevant and timely financial education. By utilizing seasonal events, such as tax filing deadlines, it effectively connects with its audience and positions itself as a trusted source of information. The introduction of Teja Bhai adds a unique and memorable element to its marketing efforts, helping differentiate AngelOne as a memorable, helpful, and witty brand in the competitive stockbroking industry.

While Instagram is a great way to reach your customers, not all of them might be there. The wisest decision would be to opt for an omnichannel marketing strategy that ensures your moment marketing campaigns reach your users at the right time. With WebEngage’s omnichannel campaign management tools like Journey Designer, you could run your campaigns on autopilot and ensure that your messages reach the maximum possible users through the channels of their preference. After all, there’s a reason why 800+ global brands choose to create their omnichannel marketing campaigns with WebEngage.

Strategy# 5: Capitalize on pop culture moments to build relatability and relevance
Capitalize on pop culture moments to build relatability and relevance
As a fintech company, staying relevant means capturing your audience’s attention in eye-catching ways. And what better way to do that than riding the pop culture wave? CASHe, an Indian credit lending app, has masterfully capitalized on a popular culture moment to create engaging and relatable content for its users.

Anupama, a hit Indian TV series that chronicles a woman’s journey towards self-discovery and living life on her terms, is used by CASHe to impart valuable lessons on financial independence. By associating the brand with this popular TV show, CASHe taps into the enthusiasm and interest surrounding Anupama, effectively capturing the attention of its target audience.

In the show, Anupama’s evolution resonates with viewers, highlighting the importance of financial empowerment and making smart money decisions. In an Instagram post, CASHe highlights the lessons and insights viewers can glean from Anupama’s experiences, showcasing her as an inspiration for achieving financial goals and personal growth.

This moment marketing strategy creates a relevant and relatable connection between CASHe and its audience. By aligning with a widely watched TV series, CASHe positions itself as a financial ally, ready to guide users toward financial independence and success. By weaving financial astuteness into the fabric of popular culture, CASHe demonstrates its understanding of its audience’s interests and aspirations, making the path to financial freedom feel exciting and attainable.

Strategy #6: Align with social causes to build an authentic brand identity

Align with social causes to build an authentic brand identity for moment marketing

Affirm, a consumer lending company, utilizes moment marketing to showcase its dedication to social causes, particularly supporting the LGBTQIA+ community. During Pride Month, Affirm’s LGBTQ+ ERG co-leads shared their perspectives on LinkedIn about the significance of Pride, their efforts to empower others in the community, and how they celebrate Pride throughout the year.

The co-leads expressed that Pride is a powerful occasion, empowering LGBTQIA+ individuals and allies to unite without fear and celebrate their unique identities within the community. They emphasized strengthening bonds among Affirmers (employees of Affirm) and the broader LGBTQIA+ community. Additionally, they acknowledged the ongoing work to build a more equitable world by continuing the legacy of the LGBTQIA+ movement. In their roles as co-leads of the LGBTQ+ ERG at Affirm, they strived to foster an inclusive environment where all Affirmers can bring their authentic selves to work during Pride and throughout the year.

This commitment to creating a welcoming community aligns with Affirm’s values of inclusion and leadership. The brand highlights its support for the LGBTQIA+ community and emphasizes its dedication to building an accepting workplace culture. By engaging with Pride Month and promoting ongoing inclusivity, Affirm demonstrates its commitment to social causes and is an ally to the LGBTQIA+ community.

Strategy #7: Deliver content in media format preferred by your target demographic

Deliver content in media format preferred by your target demographic

Robinhood, a platform for investing in the stock market and cryptocurrency, uses its podcast and newsletter to bond with its users. Robinhood positions itself as a pioneer in democratizing stock market investing by removing commission fees. This approach aligns with financial inclusion and accessibility, making it a relevant and timely message for their target audience.

Robinhood has created a daily 3-minute newsletter and a 15-minute podcast called the “Robinhood Snacks.” These mediums provide digestible financial news, keeping in mind its young consumer’s busy lifestyles. By offering both written and audio formats, Robinhood ensures that its content can be consumed during different times, such as in the morning or during commutes or workouts.

The newsletter and podcast provide educational value by delivering financial news and insights, empowering listeners and readers with knowledge about the stock market and cryptocurrency. The podcast serves as a trust-building tool, allowing users to hear the voices behind the brand and develop a personal connection. The brand’s unique content marketing strategy sets it apart from the competition and makes it more memorable and approachable.

When customers hear the voice of the podcasters every morning or read their bite-sized content daily, they’re bound to remember the brand. So when these same people think about investing, who do you think they’ll likely choose? This is the value of capitalizing on the right-moment marketing strategy to build brand recall, loyalty, and conversions.

Strategy #8: Focus on real-time social listening to problem solve and establish relationships
Focus on real-time social listening to problem solve and establish relationships for moment marketing

Monitoring social media conversations in real-time is crucial to successful moment marketing. Brands like CashApp, a popular mobile payment service, actively engage with their audience on platforms like Twitter, responding to user inquiries and surprising customers with spontaneous giveaways. This real-time interaction helps build brand loyalty and positions the brand as approachable and customer-centric.

By being responsive and engaging on social media, CashApp creates meaningful connections with its audience, fostering a sense of trust and affinity that ultimately contributes to its success in moment marketing.


Moment marketing is a powerful way to connect with your audience and amp up your brand engagement. But remember to keep it real and stay consistent with your brand personality across all platforms. You could opt for being funny or keeping your users up-to-date with the latest pop culture phenomenon. Or you could take the route of being helpful with quality content in different formats.

Whatever path you choose, just remember one thing: customers dig it when they feel like you’ve got their back. So, whether it’s through quirky characters or informative podcasts, make sure you’re serving up something valuable. Don’t jump on a trend just for the heck of it, and seriously, don’t try to be something you’re not. People can sniff out fakeness from a mile away!

Effective moment marketing can take your brand’s reach to a whole new level and make you unforgettable. Those brands we talked about earlier proved it’s totally doable. So go ahead, seize the moment, but always stay true to yourself and your awesome buyers.

Do keep in mind that your moment marketing campaign becomes even more effective when it’s complemented with a powerful omnichannel strategy or email marketing campaign. And if you need help with these, then remember that WebEngage is just a live demo away.


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