How To Use Push Notifications To Deal With App Churn

How To Use Push Notifications To Deal With App Churn

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1. Segregating the target audience
2. Personalizing the content of notification
3. Focus on quality
4. Get users back
5. Track the success Of app

In the realm of mobile app development, client retention has become a challenging task. The only objective for which mobile app marketing team is running after is getting more and more users on board and keeping them engaged.

Experts focus on believing that it is important to acquire the loyalty of long-term clients than keeping a desire for the new or casual ones. Now, there is always a fear that clients may churn your mobile app.

This indicates leaving the mobile app on grounds that they did not find your app useful or worthy. Now, the role of marketer is to keep clients interested and engaged. This can be done skilfully by making use of Push notifications in a good way.


Push notifications allow a business to establish a direct communication with their clients. According to the app retention study, sending weekly notifications could increase 90 day app retention by 2 times on iOS and 6 times on Android.

Android Push Notification Data Stats:

iOS Push Notification Data Stats:

While sending push notifications, it must be ensured that messages sent are relevant and useful otherwise 78% users will turn off the notification. It is therefore important to plan a strategy and think multiple times about the type of messages you would be sending to the users and how it will be advantageous for them.

Segregating the target audience

The first step you need to take before enabling a push notification is to segment your targeted audiences. All the users cannot be placed into a single category because each of them have a unique set of requirements.

Messages sent out to the users are often based on their tastes or preferences. This is how a consumer behavior is analyzed. The user data that is acquired through the app will be used here.

Push messages have an important role in encouraging inactive users to re-engage with the mobile app. When designed in a friendly way, push notifications can better position an app in the mind of users.

According to the statistics, users who enabled push notifications in 2015 launched an app an average of 14.7 times per month. Similarly, users who did not opted push messages launched an app 5.4 times per month. This displayed 171% increase in app engagement.

app user engagement from push notification

Personalizing the content of notification

Sending personalized messages via push notifications is one of the reliable strategies to avoid churning of users. This means giving your users whatever they are actually searching for.

However, this strategy will only turn to be useful if you have done the segmentation of customers carefully. Now, you can easily decide what messages are right for a particular group of customers.

This, in turn, will drive more traffic to the app. If the content is being personalized, it is made relevant for the users.

At the same time, it is also important to keep an eye on how the user is making use of the message for his own advantage. Once you gain an idea on it, you can send more such messages.

Users always look for one-to-one interaction and this strategy counts the best. In addition to sending personalized notifications, you can also send rich notification which is becoming prevalent these days.

Rich notifications act as an interactive tool that makes use of audio, video messages and images in addition to the text.

Focus on quality

Quality speaks more than quantity. It is a proverb true in most of the cases. As far as push notification is concerned, you have to follow it based on the product or service it offers.

You must keep a note on the frequency. Sending it multiple times leads to frustration. There is no such deadline that has to be followed here strictly.

The only thing that needs to be taken care of is that whenever you are sending the notification, it must carry substantial value and weightage.

If you are sending irrelevant notifications, people might opt out and also uninstall the app. Add an element of creativity to foster engagement.

Get users back

One of the best ways you can avoid churning is by bringing the users back on board.

As per the research, it has been found out that 65% of users return to a mobile app within a month if the push notification is enabled.

To engage users, you can add some spice to the deal by offering users discounts. This is one of the effective strategies of mobile app marketing.

Track the success Of app

The response of your app is something that can give you a fair idea about how successful your app has been. Based on the app engagement metrics, you can decide what strategy to follow.

This will bring improvement in the push notification, thereby gaining client loyalty.

Ending notes!

Push notifications act as the most powerful strategy to acquire attention of users. It also keeps the existing ones interested. Push notifications have an important role in bringing back the lost clients and re-engage them.

However, businesses need to be specific enough in sending the notifications and should always ensure that it is relevant and useful.

Targeted Mobile Push Notifications Can Help In Achieving Conversions As High As 50%

A Marketer's Guide to Mobile Push Notifications

  • Created: 25 Jun 2018
  • Last Updated: 12 Jan 2022



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