WebEngage Recognized As A Mobile Marketing Leader In Asia By G2!

WebEngage Recognized As A Mobile Marketing Leader In Asia By G2!

We’re humbled to be rated as a leader in the Marketing Automation space. A big ‘THANK YOU‘ to our customers for constantly showing love and sharing answers to feedback questions. Our story of growing from a startup to being recognized as one of the leaders in the MarTech industry is filled with firm beliefs – “We will do one thing and we will do it right!”, says Avlesh Singh, Co-founder & CEO, WebEngage.

While we keep evolving ourselves with every passing day, we’ve very recently been recognized as a leader in the ‘Regional Satisfaction Index for Mobile Marketing | Fall 2020’ APAC report by G2 along with a humbling list of badges based on our customer reviews.

Regional Satisfaction Index for Mobile Marketing | Fall 2020

Source: G2

Disclaimer: G2 rates software products based on reviews gathered from our user community, as well as data aggregated from online sources and social networks. G2 applies a unique algorithm (v3.0) to this data to calculate the scores in real-time.

Our customers love the value they gain out of the WebEngage platform. Based on customer feedback, we’ve been rated as the leaders across various categories:

  1. Marketing Automation
  2. Mobile Marketing
  3. Marketing Analytics
  4. Personalization
  5. A/B Testing

🌟 Top 5 in over 4 different Marketing Automation benchmark studies in APAC🌟

G2 Momentum Leaders Grid For Marketing Automation Software

We’ve been rated amongst the Top-5 in over 4 different Marketing Automation benchmark studies in APAC. Here’s how we fared on various satisfaction parameters as compared to the industry averages:

Satisfaction Ratings for Marketing Automation | Fall 2020

Source: G2

WebEngage, at heart, is a marketing automation platform that helps you retain and engage users by:

  1. Bridging data silos and building a unified view of your customers
  2. Enabling multi-channel communication through user journeys
  3. Personalizing user experience by virtue of rule-based segmentation

With WebEngage, you get a unified view of your customers’ online behavior. This lets you design targeted messaging for every stage of the customers’ lifecycle. You can not only nudge your existing customers to purchase more, but also reactivate dormant customers, bring back cart abandoners, and reward your customers for their loyalty straight from the platform. 

Most Loved Marketing Automation Features

Source: G2

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With WebEngage, our customers ensure they provide the best digital experience and keep a constant check on their efforts through feedback loops and surveys. Our marketing automation suite has enabled our customers to reduce marketing costs and increase their bottom line figures thereby increasing profitability. It is simply humbling to see so many of our customers utilizing our platform in various innovative ways.

Amanda Laferriere | VP, Product Marketing - C2FO

🌟 Top 5 in over 8 different Mobile Marketing benchmark studies in APAC 🌟

G2 Grid For Mobile Marketing Software

Along with Marketing Automation, WebEngage has also been recognized as a leader in G2’s ‘Asia Pacific Regional Satisfaction Index for Mobile Marketing | Fall 2020’ and 7 other mobile marketing benchmark studies across India, Asia, and APAC. Based on the customer reviews, here’s how we’ve fared across 6 major satisfaction metrics as compared to the industry averages:

Satisfaction Rating for Mobile Marketing | Fall 2020

Source: G2

Our marketing automation platform has helped our customers in planning, implementing, and controlling various marketing campaigns and eventually amplifying conversions through a mobile-first approach. Our data management capability makes it a breeze for our customers to create campaigns using ready-to-use templates, segment their target audience, and launch their campaigns with a few simple clicks. 

Most Loved Mobile Marketing Features

Source: G2

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Our domain expertise of servicing both Enterprise and MSMEs across a whole slew of industries including Retail, Gaming, Travel & Hospitality, Real Estate, E-commerce, Ed-Tech, and BFSI (among many others), helps us in providing value to our customers.

Bharat Bhatia | VP Marketing - Junglee Games

🌟 Top 5 in over 4 different Marketing Analytics benchmark studies in APAC 🌟

G2 Grid For Customer Journey Analytics Software

With our intuitive reporting capabilities, we help our customers to visualize the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns by making sense of various market signals. With custom, real-time reporting, our customers are now able to change their marketing strategies on the fly. You can not only analyze the effectiveness of your channels but also increase the efficiency of your support function by pushing this data back to your data management systems.

Implementation Rating For Marketing Analytics | Fall 2020

Source: G2

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We’ve helped our customers in managing, evaluating, and optimizing their targeting and retargeting campaigns with data that is precise, understandable, and usable. With the shortest go-live time and a 95% user adoption rate, you can be sure to extract the highest ROI from our marketing automation dashboard.

Akshay Walia | Ex-Manager Customer Retention - Eazy Diner

🌟 Top 5 in over 6 different Personalization benchmark studies in APAC 🌟

G2 Grid For E-Commerce Personalization Software

The term ‘Hyper-personalisation’ sounded overwhelming until a couple of years ago. Today, it is a bare essential for any effective marketing initiative. Our ability to help businesses create unique experiences for their customers has helped them gain a competitive edge in the market. WebEngage lets you move beyond addressing your customers on a first-name basis and personalize your users’ experience based on their individual preferences. This makes your users feel valued and compels them to stick around for longer thereby increasing the customer lifetime value.

Usability Rating for Personalisation | Fall 2020

Source: G2

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We believe that customers can make the most out of any technology only when they can use it to its full potential. This is why we’ve made it extremely easy to use, eventually snow-balling into really high user adoption rates. We’ve baked in capabilities that have made hyper-personalization mainstream.

Gaurav Bhawnani | Ex-Head, Revenue & Retention - Licious

🌟 Top 5 in over 4 different A/B Testing benchmark studies in APAC 🌟

G2 Mid-Market Grid For A/B Testing Software

A/B testing has been one of the most loved features by our customers. The platform’s intelligent campaign analytics capability lets you create multiple variations of the same campaign and automatically triggers the winning variations based on sampling and user engagement. This leads to higher engagement rates resulting in higher conversion rates. 

Relationship Rating for A/B Testing | Fall 2020

Source: G2

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We designed our tool keeping non-technical users in mind. This reduces the go-live and training time substantially.

Ganesh Kamble | Customer Engagement Specialist, Digital Marketing - Future Group

A customer-centric approach to excellence 

WE (at WebEngage) place paramount importance on customer satisfaction. We make every decision centered around the customer and understand that every decision we make today can potentially affect businesses, jobs, and the growth of our customers tomorrow. We go the extra mile to ensure that our customers receive value and achieve their desired goals. We introduce automation into your daily marketing operations and let the platform do the heavy lifting for you.

Rajesh Patidar | Head of Product - Lybrate

We are constantly learning and evolving with our processes to provide our customers with the best experience. Our dedicated team of Onboarding Specialists makes the integration process hassle-free, timed, and personalized. We also make sure that we implement solutions that drive outcomes, train our customers to achieve the highest user adoption, and course-correct our customers to optimize their ROI on marketing automation. We help you integrate channels and design retention strategies while making sure your campaigns go live as soon as possible.

To top it off, our proactive support team ensures resolution to your queries in the shortest possible time. We build lasting relationships with you and back it with trust and assurance that every stakeholder at WebEngage will go above and beyond to support you in every way we can. 

Would you like to learn more about WebEngage? Get in touch with our team of experts to discuss how we can power your user engagement and retention.

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  • Created: 10 Nov 2020
  • Last Updated: 10 Nov 2020



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