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WebEngage Startup Program 2.0 – A Bigger, Bolder Play For Early-stage Startups

WebEngage Startup Program
WebEngage Startup Program
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Exactly a decade ago, WebEngage started out as a cute little pop-up tool for website engagement. After 2 product pivots, 5+ global offices, 150+ employees, several critical moments, and constant customer love through the decade, today WebEngage is a stellar Retention Operating System competing with some solid global brands. With a YoY revenue rate that’s only been upwards, we emerged as a breakthrough startup and launched our very first WebEngage Startup Program in 2020.

Our decade-long journey has taught us how startups with few resources can sustain despite competition from 3X innovative companies. I would proudly say that we have been able to “do more with less” quite notably. Thanks to our ethos that runs on “survival through sustainability and persistence” over momentary success through funding and overnight expansion. 

So when the pandemic hit the world, we saw businesses, especially early-stage startups looking for playbooks on survival and growth. And we knew we had everything that was needed to aid these startups. 

We know what it takes to survive as a startup. So we decided to share our experience and pass our lessons. We chose to mentor startup founders, enhance their passion, vision, and market size so that they can survive and GROW! We were aware of how fast-growth startups often run into operational hindrances. They either fail to ‘effectively invest in a marketing platform‘ or fail to ‘invest in an effective marketing platform‘. 

Startups either fail to 'effectively invest in a marketing platform' or fail to 'invest in an effective marketing platform'. Read more - via @webengage Click To Tweet

That’s what gave birth to the WebEngage Startup Program!

A six-month cohort-based setup, the WebEngage Startup Program, was brought to life last year during peak months of Covid-19. What we witnessed was noteworthy. 150+ startups applied for Class of 2020-21; 90+ select startups graduated with phenomenal success and enhanced growth plans. Over 25% of these startups also raised their next round/Pre-series A of funding. 

Ankit Agarwal

Founder, PHOOL

By enrolling in the WebEngage Startup Program, we’ve adopted a growth marketing approach that shall help us scale our business faster and bring down acquisition costs over time. We’ve increased our revenue by 23% and continue to grow it even further. The Onboarding and Customer Success teams at WebEngage have been highly supportive throughout the program.

It was rewarding to see teams and brands associated with us witnessing accelerated growth, especially amidst the crisis! 

Carrying the same vision and spirit, we’re delighted to announce the second cohort of the WebEngage Startup Program.

The Class of 2021-22 will have access to everything the previous cohort benefited from, along with several new benefits added this year. 

The WebEngage Startup Program 2.0 enables startups to deliver memorable customer experiences and earn the customer’s interest, loyalty, and commitment – keys to running a sustainable business. It focuses on helping startups increase the Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) and stay ahead of the competition from Day ZERO. It doesn’t stop there. The WSP 2.0 would also pave the way for startups to become a part of our vibrant community of high-growth startup founders and operators.

Kush Taneja

Co-Founder, FamPay

The WebEngage Startup Program helped us target and engage with our users effectively, provide delightful end-user experiences, and craft healthy, long-term relationships.

We are confident that startups will benefit from the expertise that the WebEngage Startup Program 2.0 is about to bring to the table. If you want to accelerate the transition from a startup to a sustainable, high-growth company with a defined strategy and the right Martech stack from your early days, apply for the Class of 2021-22 now! 

We’re pumped up to be an enabler in accelerating your growth! 

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WebEngage for Startups | CEO's Office - Strategy, 


Nitya is a part of the CEO’s office at WebEngage, working on various strategic and growth initiatives. In his previous role, he was a part of the Middle East Go-to-Market team at WebEngage. Nitya is enthusiastic about startups and technology businesses.

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The Program helped us scale our business faster and bring down acquisition costs with time.


Ankit Agarwal

Founder, PHOOL

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