Cross-Channel User Engagement: Trends and Insights

Cross-Channel User Engagement: Trends and Insights

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Gone are the days of brand touts singing praises of a product on the sidewalk. Marketing has come full circle, and the invasion of digital has upended the game for businesses. Cross-channel user engagement has taken the center stage.

The modern consumer is an evolved, connected being with access to affordable, fast mobile internet, and powerful smartphones.

There are several modes of communication that businesses effectively use to interact with their users on a daily basis. They include Emails & SMS, Web & Mobile Push, In-App & Browser Messages. These form the crux of user engagement for today’s evolved, hyper-connected consumer.

This report is an overview of the current state of user engagement to get a finer idea of how users reciprocate to intelligent cross-channel brand messaging.

This benchmark report has been the result of studying billions of data points to identify critical consumer insights. Here are some numbers to put things in perspective:

  1. 300+ enterprise customers analyzed
  2. 110 million users engaged/day
  3. 180 million messages sent/ day
  4. 3 billion events tracked/day


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