Gaming App Metrics

Gaming App Metrics

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Gaming can happily be attributed as an age-group or persona agnostic industry. Be it Real Money Games (RMGs) or Ad-supported Gaming Apps, you really don’t have any limitations on your target audience. Your app performance metrics will certainly testify that!

On the other hand, the gaming industry also sees the lowest user lifetime value (LTV) and a consistently high churn. What’s actually surprising, is the reasons for this churn or a lower LTV. These are, more often than not, easy to decipher and even easier to address.

If you’re a game developer or a gaming marketer, it’s important for you to understand the various metrics that define the success of a gaming app. These metrics could not only help you in engaging with your gamers better, but also retain them and achieve a higher LTV.

And that’s exactly what we’ll be covering in this Gaming Metrics ebook. Measuring your game’s true success – for gaming Marketers and Developers!

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