How to Choose the Best-in-Class B2C Marketing Automation Software

How to Choose the Best-in-Class B2C Marketing Automation Software

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In the marketing automation space, there is no single product that dominates this category. It is a fairly level playing field where a myriad of companies compete with each other to catch the attention of the marketer.

The same cannot be said for some other categories. Take CRM, for example. Salesforce completely dominates this category and has CRM products that suit companies of almost all sizes and all industry verticals.

The same is not applicable to marketing as a category. This is perhaps due to wide ranging requirements of a marketing software for companies of different sizes and in different industry verticals. The marketing requirements of a company that streams media online is completely different from that of a company in the fin-tech space. The marketing requirements of a startup are completely different compared to that of a large enterprise. There is no one company that has a product that meets all these varying requirements. There is no one product that dominates this category.

This eBook aims to equip you with all the information you need to make the right choice among hundreds of marketing automation products available today. Download this eBook to understand how you can rise above the clutter and identify the marketing automation software that is right for your business!