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Making Customer Satisfaction Survey Effective

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A few days back, my laptop broke down. Such tragedy can happen to just anybody. I called the guys at the company and they were efficient enough to bring it back to life within a day. I was more than satisfied with their service and wanted to give them an elevating feedback. But did I give it? No.

The reason I could not tell them how much I admired them for the service was; they asked about it a day after the service and in the form of a survey that came in an email and spanned for more than a page!

I am not the only one who does that. We all flunk the surveys, which are lengthy, vague, untimely or, in general, conventional. The times we do them are the times when we badly want the goody the survey offers or we have nothing, literally nothing better to do.

How can WebEngage help?

You must be confused till now to read the points against customer satisfaction survey, from a company which essentially helps you do it. It is obvious that we aren’t against the concept of surveys, otherwise why would we build a product around it? In fact, we believe it is the best way for a company to improve. We just make surveys better and more effective.

Our customers have been using our tool to enhance the survey mechanism among other things for their website, for some time now. We have collated some of the successful use-cases by our customers where they used WebEngage to create better and effective customer satisfaction surveys.

Case I: Page specific surveys

What if the visitor to your site is immensely impressed or irked by a particular section or page on your website? How would you know? He can rank you lower in the customer satisfaction survey afterwards and might not tell you the precise reason. Do you really want to keep guessing forever? Especially when you have us to help you out? Have a look at how one of our clients used our survey tool to solve the problem.

Customer Satisfaction Survey 1

Case II: Do you like what you see?

Another of our clients upgraded their site to a more aesthetically and visually appealing one. They needed to know whether the visitors felt the same way or not. A survey at the end of a purchase on the website or through an email would not have helped because until the time they would take the survey, they couldn’t care less about the looks of the one of the hundreds of websites they visited that day. The solution was to ask the visitors right away what they thought about the revamp and WebEngage made it a cake walk. Want to know how? Like this:

Customer Satisfaction Survey 2

There were a series of questions added, about the aesthetics, looks and usability and the survey garnered more than 12% response rate making our client happy and us proud.

Case III: Hi! Looking for something?

A visitor comes to your site, he browses for some time, maybe he is looking for something and cannot find, maybe he does not know what he is looking for, but how can you know? Well, ask him.

Customer Satisfaction Survey 3

The survey started with a harmless question asking about his presence on the site and if he was looking for something and then the questionnaire went on to be precise and directed in the end finding out what the user was actually looking for and providing him with it. Not only does the customer get what he wants, the site gets an almost clueless and most probably lost customer.

Case IV: Post purchase survey

This is the most conventional point in the visitor’s track to take a survey, but the tricky part is, how to get the customers answer everything we want. There are two things that customers specifically hate in a survey; the deluge of questions and that deluge full of irrelevant questions. WebEngage helps you create a survey widget where you can take the satisfaction survey without taking the customer to another page and also not overwhelming him with a number of questions at a time. One of our major clients does it and response rate speaks for the effectiveness.

Customer Satisfaction Survey 4

At WebEngage, we strive to make customer engagement easier by the day for our clients. If you have used WebEngage in a way that has helped you, we would be more than happy to hear about it. If you are one of the people finding customer engagement on your website challenging, we would be happier to hear from you.



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Prasenjit joined WebEngage as a Product Marketing Manager and changed gear to become the VP of Marketing. He strategizes and overlooks all the marketing initiatives of the company. Before joining WebEngage, he worked as a Product Manager at Bankbazaar.com.

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